2021 SAFF Championship



  • Performance by Europe based players of Sri lanka -  Razeek who scored a brace against lebanon, Dillon and Hamilton will be interesting.

    Heard reports that Sri lanka Football federation has sent request to many overseas players to come and represent them in near future.

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    Goat sacrifice is anti national.
  • Lets leave the goat topic aside guys otherwise discussion will go somewhere else.
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    Sri Lankan Football Federation has a new president now. He's not a Sinhalese guy and they have rebranded to Football Sri Lanka.

    Football is the number one sport among their minority communities. They now have a management that genuinely cares about their football, not just some government sympathising pen pushers thrust into the role as they did for the last 20 years or so.

    Will be interesting to see how their foreign-based players fare against SAFF opposition. From the very little I've seen, Razeek looks decent, while Hamilton looks like a big, slow lump with the turning circle of a small ship.
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    When you say he isn’t Sinhalese does that mean he’s Tamil ?
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    @ashindia: I know that your heart is in the right place and you might be factually correct but your last post might send a wrong signal in certain quarters. You might think of revising/deleting it.

    Mate it’s perfectly normal practice during Bakr-eid. Goats are feed well and taken care, just to be sacrificed for the festival. 

    Im sure you must have come across reference of ‘bakra’ like -  ‘Bakra banaya mein ne usko’ etc 

  • https://www.hirunews.lk/english/sports/275710/jaswar-umar-elected-as-new-president-of-sri-lanka-football-federation

    He is most probably from Sri Lankan Moor Community.

    Demographics of sri lanka is complex.
    Ethniticity wise you got sinhalese and Tamils. 
    Religion wise Buddhists,  Hindus , Muslims. 
    Christians are found in three ethnicities - sinhalese ,  Tamil and Portuguese origin Burgher.
    Muslims are Moors and Malays.

    Buddhist sinhalese are the majority in sri lanka and cricket is dominated by them.
    But other communities had a good presence in non cricket sports like hockey football rugby tennis
    Due to civil war, various minorities left sri lanka and their clubs / community  based schools got depleted.

    Now it's good to see that football federation is trying to reconnect with their diaspora which is scattered worldwide. 
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    Is there any connection between Sri Lankan malay and Malayali people in India 
  • Sri lanka Malays are from Malaysia/ Indonesia  region.
    Due to Malay Peninsula in colonial era , the community got that name.
    Their surnames are peculiar. 
    I will not be surprised if Jaswar umar is Malay. His full name might reveal his ethnicity.

    From wiki- 
    Common last names include Jayah, Weerabangsa, Sinhawangsa/Sinhawansa, Jayawangsa, Singalaxana, Bangsa Jayah, and Wangsa. Malay-origin last names include Lye, Cuttilan, Chunchie, Preena, Hannan, Sallay, Doole, Kitchilan, Kutinun, Kanchil, Sainon, Bongso, Bohoran, Kuppen, and Lappen. Arabic names are also used by Sri Lankan Malays, including Saldin, Assan, Rahman, Drahaman, Bucker, Ramlan, Rajap, Jumat, and Mannan. Prefixes of Malay origin such as Tuan, Maas, and Raden for males and Gnei, Nona, Sitti Nona, and Gnonya for females are commonly used as first names among Sri Lankan Malays
  • In past Manilal Fernando was incharge of Sri Lanka football for many years. 
    He was part - Tamilian from his mother side.
    Big powerful corporate guy 
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