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    In India we are busy making fun of a Sandesh who tries to go abroad

    that's a different reason. but the age should also be considered. It's a honeytrap actually. Maybe it would be a dream come true moment.

     Let us be honest, if a player's age is less than 23, let him try, eg: Dheeraj Singh. So that if nothing works out, they would still get back to India without any criticism. 

    Now I don't want Sahal to go abroad and try. Because it's not the right time. Maybe for Rahul KP, Apuia I can agree.

    Agreed but also depends on where they are trying. Top asian league / lower division european /south or north american leagues we should be fine with players in their 20s, even late 20's, as we can expect them getting game time
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    He will be sacked next year after they finish last in isl 
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C2436 Points
    For this year. I think the FSDL should match AFC of allowing 5-6 foreigners. This should not be mandated to 5 of course. If the club chooses 4 it should be allowed. AIFF should change I-league to have max 3 foreigners. As much as I hate it, I would love to see more domestic players getting chances. As of now, still all I-league clubs are filled up in FW position and the problem seems to continue. Don't like us depending on players like Rahim or Manvir just because they are the only ones who are playing. It's a shame. I am tired of our National team barely able to score more than a goal in the last 2 years. We can't score. We have to fix this.

    If this change is done, We will have some hopes in group stages for ISL clubs in AFC CL. Clearly with Angulo on the pitch FC goa could have got a victory. So having these kind of players will help with having success internationally as well as domestic league viewership. The main reason many don't watch is due to the drop in ISL quality. Also, Now ISL cannot call it a top tier. There is no difference in quality compared to I-league. If it has to be top tier, we should allow more better players in the team. If there is no Indians so be it. Top tier should not be a charity for domestic players. I also really hope by doing this. Some Indians will try to play abroad and not be comfortable at home. This has to happen. 

    Players in ISL should be allowed to play I-league on loan. I don't know why FSDL has blocked this the last 2-3 seasons. At least for the younger players. This should happen like 6 month league separate. In that case we might see some major improvements temporarily. 
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    Well, since this is related to 22-23 season. I don't see us having any other threads. What bothers you mate ?
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India27488 Points
    @giridharan: I am not bothered at all.

    This thread is related to transfers only. Any discussion on the 2022-23 season can be done in the general "Indian Football News Updates". One or two posts on some topic not related to thread might be done but too much digression sometimes creates problems. This is not my contention only, previously admins and other members have also made this point.

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    Ronny said:
    Was thinking about this. Saw a stat shared by JFA today that there are 60 plus Japanese players in Europe right now! In India we are busy making fun of a Sandesh who tries to go abroad.. even if someone buys himself a spot abroad, we want to keep proving that he is not a good player..any football pundits from IFN who have considered playing abroad? Lol..don't take it personally 😅
    I have played in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Canada and now in Mexico. Nothing beats Kolkata though :lol: 
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    Javi Hernandez signs for Bengaluru FC
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