King's Cup 2023



  • shibiershibier 2997 Points
    Will this count as a draw officially ??
  • shibier said:
    Will this count as a draw officially ??
    Yes we will get points for this draw
  • shibiershibier 2997 Points
    We could have little more careful in the penalty area , could have avoided the second one 
  • that's quite an impressive performance. never expcted this much fight to iraq.
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C3789 Points
    Yeah too bad it was a game of penalties. We should take pride from this performance! Great effort from our team. Onto the next game! 
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5665 Points
    Ah..heartbreak. With this kind of solid defense, didn't need to concede that silly first penalty. 
    What a team this has become. The most fearless and aggressive. The best part is that we have so many equally good options.
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9991 Points
    India's second goal was a bit unfortunate for Iraq. So was the decision of second penalty against India.
    In all, draw is a fair result for us.
  • ashindiaashindia 9272 Points
    Impressive result. I could watch only 1st half, but really good performance as Iraq are one of the contenders for revamped WCQ among 8.5 spot.
  • ChelseafanChelseafan Allahabad1655 Points
    What a brilliant result against the 70th ranked team! We fought well and ran well. Last 25 mins though we retreated too deep and our midfield disappeared. It was all attack vs. Defence practice drill from then onwards. We could have pushed higher, pressed more aggressively and closed down opposition players much earlier. But still I am very happy. 
    Just a few things -
    1) Let's keep Stomach as coach for next 4 years. Tie him to a long term contract. We need his aggression and style for our NT.
    2) Hire a better defence coach for NT and coach our players to defend with composite under pressure bcoz we WILL BE under a lot of pressure against the likes of Australia, Uzbekistan and Qatar in next few months. 
    3) Based on this display Zi am pretty confident of us beating the likes of Kuwait, China, Syria etc. We have finally graduated to the level of 2nd tier Asian teams. And remember, we missed some of our main players like Chettri, Changte, Mishra had a fracture. With our full strength team we can smadh these sides!
    4) we need a 3rd good CB as backup in case either Jhingan or Anwar fucks up. Plus good back ups for RB & LB as well. 
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