King's Cup 2023



  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6569 Points
    Lebanon won the game 1-0.

    We played well. But as Sam pointed, we missed clearly center-forward today. Even slippery ground didn't aid us today.
    Generally these if's & exceptions, I don't like and Lebanon are deserved to win today's game. 

    As informed earlier, you can see my active participation only after 4 weeks.. till then.. bye & thanks guys.
  • samsam 16472 Points
    God knows how and why Rohit makes the cut for NT. With this toothless attack (only attacking wingers and midfielders won't win you every match) I do not see how India can beat 2nd tier Asian teams even if the gap has reduced in most of the playing positions and temperament. 
  • samsam 16472 Points
    Can we make a list of PROPER Indian center forwards available? (ISL, IL and all other leagues)
  • samsam 16472 Points
    Iraq Wins King's Cup after defeating Thailand on Penalties

    Full Time 2-2

    Thailand ✅✅✅❌✅
    Iraq ✅✅✅✅✅
  • ChelseafanChelseafan Allahabad1655 Points
    I think we played much better against Iraq then today against Lebanon. I saw the following problems -
    1) Our players are too slow and take too much time on the ball and in passing it. This pace can work at USL level but in international level you have to be quicker 8n decision making and passing the ball. 
    2) Most players looked clueless in how and where to pass and 9nitiate the attack. This resulted in even attacking players in advanced positions making back passed to defenders or CK. There was no creativity or imagination. Thapa had a forgettable game and so did Brandon and Sahal. Only Mahesh looked threatening in parts. Even Akash Mishra was neutralised to a large extent. 
    3) Our passing was atrocious. It was aimless, too weak and easily intercepted. 
    4) The players lacked 8ntensity and urgency in trying to equalise. I think it might be due to limited time they got for training together. 
    5) moral of the story is that we play best when we get to train for a long enough period to develop requisite chemistry and coordination among players and they get their tactics right. Also we need a good backup for Chettri as Rahim Ali is shit while Manvir is below average. Even Siva in that u23 match looked like crap. Stomach has to try out Vikram Pratap, Rohit Danu, Subho Paul, Siva as strikers in the matches falling before Asian Cup. Give Chettri a break (except for WCQs). We have to find alternatives. Rahim Ali is the new Sumit Passi our times. 
  • dev_pfcdev_pfc Pune1937 Points
    edited September 2023
    My takeaways from Kings cup.
    - On our day we can make life difficult for any Asian team except the top 5.

    - Igor Stimac lacks game management skills. His hasty substitutions were a big reason that we missed out on a major upset against Iraq and a disappointing result against Lebanon.

    - You cannot have Rohit and Suresh together on pitch simultaneously. It basically robs midfield of all the creativity. In fact Rohit shouldn't play in NT at all unless he improves drastically on his game.

    - Stimac needs to have more faith in Ashish Rai.

    - Sahal has improved his game since moving to MBSG, looks more focused on game and creating chances that doing tricks that lead nowhere. 

    - Rahim Ali should be out of NT setup, he should go out on loan to I-league and improve his game if he wants to have any hope of being part of NT.

    - I agree with Sayak that team should be able to adjust well quickly without the need for long camp. But that won't happen overnight. So while camps should be there for important fixtures, friendlies need to be played with the Fifa. guidelines for releasing the players. And these 2 matches have proved that this set of boys are capable doing it.

    - NT doors look closed and firmly locked for the likes of Bheke, Bose, Kotal.
    Nagendradeepak dedhaashindiaindian_goonerAbhishek
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10467 Points
    I think Stimac has reached his limit with NT 

    Our players are not good in decision making in final third for us to kill games which we are dominating. Happened in SAFF and Intercontinental Cup too were we could not finish games vs Lebanon and Kuwait before Penalties 
  • I think Stimac has reached his limit with NT 

    Our players are not good in decision making in final third for us to kill games which we are dominating. Happened in SAFF and Intercontinental Cup too were we could not finish games vs Lebanon and Kuwait before Penalties 
    This bis what Stomach can work with the team next time he gets the required days of camping. Indian team has progressed but that took time, with defense , mid field more or less finalised. Problem with attack/specially set pieces is what is required and without proper time together this limit will continue
  • RonnyRonny 10472 Points
    I am still impressed that we barely concede any goals from open play..what a transformation!
    As for the substitutions, it's a part of the game plan and to make sure there are no injuries right at the beginning of the season..all of us are too naive to understand what the NT coach is probably doing
    Nagendragiridharandeepak dedhasouravindiaindian_goonerSukunAbhishek
  • deepak dedhadeepak dedha Ghar2826 Points

    After every loss, it seems like everyone suddenly becomes a football expert, eager to share their opinions on what should or shouldn't have happened. However, we often overlook the positive transformations our team has undergone in each match. Who could have thought that we would string together more than three passes and successfully breach the opposition's box? Our defenders have evolved, now capable of executing precise long grounded passes, and our defensive efforts resemble that of a team, with wingers tracking back effectively. Even our fullbacks have expanded their roles beyond mere defending.

    What truly matters to me, beyond the results, is how we now compete on an equal footing with elite clubs in our region. Even the top clubs experience defeats from time to time, but that doesn't mean they are shit, and the same goes for us. I don't mind the occasional loss, as long as our team continues to give their all.

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