Futsal in India

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futsal is a variant of association football that is played on a smaller pitch and mainly played indoors.
futsal is played between two teams each with five players, the game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines, walls and boards are not used. But futsal in india is not much popoularised but also there are many futsal championship in india mainly in banglore,mumbai,kochi,jaipur and kolkatta. my topic is here supose to say that we dont have a futsal national team . its a very important thing to think and their should be a discussion needed for promotion of futsal in india .
top futsal national teams in asia
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  • sorry that link is wrong . i will give you another link
  • top asian futsal national football team
    team rank
    iran 6
    japan 11
    thailand 12
    australia 28
    china 34
    lebanon 41
    indonesia 42
    tajikistan 49
    iraq 53
    jordan 56
    malaysia 59
    turkmenistan 60
    korearepublic 64
    hongkong 67
    vietnam 71
    bahrain 72
    palestine 74
    chinese taipei 75
    qatar 80
    myanmar 87
    cambodia 89
    philipines 90
    syria 91
    macau 92
    singapore **
    brunei **
    maldives **
    saudi arabia **
    oman **
    UAE **
    laos **
    yemen **
    afganistan **
    bhutan ** ** = rank not given
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    didnt knew its played in India...we got a national team?
  • i have always been wondering why indian footballers dont play with panache and flair...today's indian footballers seem to just kick and chase the ball...while it may have worked to some extent as it had when it helped us qualify for the asian cup under bob houghton,it dosent bring joy onto people's faces.after all football is all about bringing joy..this brings us to the question"how can we go about achieving the style of play the AIFF general secretary Kushal Das wants us to play"...the answer is futsal..though it may not totally help us achieve our dreams..it certainly will help us go a long way!..here is a nice article that i read on futsal in india
    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.sportskeeda.com/2010/06/16/can-promotion-of-futsal-in-india-help-football/">http://www.sportskeeda.com/2010/06/16/c ... -football/</a><!-- m -->
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    yes we need to promote futsal,7s,beach soccer in india for long term plannig...we can even host beach soccer world cup as it doesn't need much infrastructure....7s tournament is no doubt the famous form of the beautiful game in kerala but some critics say that its the main reason why kerala team performs badly in santosh trophy.. i have experienced this too....we used to play 7s game since we had a short ground in college on a regular basis but when we played in university tournament we used to get knocked out of the competiton & that to by a huge margin <!-- s:mrgreen: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt=":mrgreen:" title="Mr. Green" /><!-- s:mrgreen: --> in my opinion 7s game helps to develop short passing and strikers shot on goal...beach soccer once again popular in coastal regions...the kerala state santosh trophy winning captain in 2004 ignatius sylvester born to fishermans family used to train,play on beaches for hours.....we hav so many indoor stadiums which can be used to play futsal .....so we need to encourage shorter form of the game for children
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5665 Points
    While I support the idea of promoting various forms of the game, I disagree that these will improve the skills level and eventually the real form of the game in India. Firstly, there are no crossover players, those who play for futsal teams dont get play the regular game. Their stamina is also low as the court is small. Football in different countries has developed even b4 they had futsal. And finally, we have very small pool of players, we do not want them to get divided
  • Any futsal coaches in Mumbai that I can contact?
  • rudrarudra 2958 Points
    Any futsal coaches in Mumbai that I can contact?

    Dude, you are desperately searching for a coach. are you a player or want to be a coach? Maybe if u write ur requirements in details, someone can help u
  • didnt knew its played in India...we got a national team?

    I think we have a national team for everything. I think we have one for ICE Hockey to.
  • Required a licensed full time futsal coach, to train school kids....
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