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    A productive trip to Pune

    Rovers boss Tony Mowbray was pleased with how discussions went with the club’s Owners on his recent trip to India.

    The manager, along with senior Ewood Park officials, spent six days in Pune, evaluating the 2018-19 Championship campaign, before quickly putting plans in place for next season.

    Mowbray said that the talks were positive and that the Owners can see the club moving in the right direction.

    “I had six days in India and it was very productive,” said the Rovers manager.

    “The Owners are as supportive as ever. They are very nice, humble, honest people, who would like us to be successful.

    “I think they appreciate the work that’s been happening over the last few years and they would like a continuation of that.

    “There’s no guarantees in football, as I’ve said to them. They can invest, but there’s no guarantee.

    “Everybody wants to get to the Premier League and we’re working really hard to engineer a camaraderie and spirit amongst the group, allied with the odd bit of class and quality that can win you games, an affinity with the support base and try to connect the club all together.

    “When it works and it all gels, you can have a successful season. Whether that success is good enough to be better than the relegated Premier League sides, who have £40m parachute payments, or teams like Stoke, Leeds, Derby, Middlesbrough, Forest – huge teams with huge fan bases – but we have to look forward to the challenge of competing, as we did last year.

    “With the right signings, hopefully this season we’ll be stronger still.”

    Mowbray confirmed that money would be made available for summer signings, but that the club would look to move to a more self-sustaining model in the future.

    “Somewhere along the line, Owners can’t keep digging into their pockets and producing the tens and tens of millions of pounds every year for what seems little reward, if you’re going to finish in the middle of the table,” he added.

    “As I’ve said to them, what is the expectation? We are competing against some huge football clubs and yet that doesn’t always mean they’re going to be successful.

    “You can get teams who can punch above their weight if you get everything right at your club. The Owners understand that we have to try and find the next Bradley Dack, for instance, that you buy at a price and you polish them up and give them a platform to show their quality and ability to the world, and they become better value than what you paid for them.

    “Maybe two or three years down the line, you do sell a player to reinvest, to put money back in, as opposed to having this model where you keep going and asking for £25m every year.

    “It wants to be system, somewhere along the line, where we can almost self-sustain it, but they are happy to support us until we can get to that level. The secret, of course, is to keep buying talented young players that become big assets.”

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    They should try and bring Blackburn Rovers Team to India for some exhibition match. Last time when they came to Pune for a game with Pune FC, it was housefull at Balewadi.
    Nagendra[Deleted User]haritrams24goalkeepar
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    productive trip to Pune and no mention whatsoever as what happened in trip or what was purpose  :D , entire article is about talk about their season (may be they are interviewed by UK paper thats why)

    anyway yes @munna219777 I had seen that match , it was cool atmosphere and there was rain too in between 

    Hope they come to Pune to invest in football here
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    The reason is clearly evident. You can link it up with the article previously mentioned. The coach and the staff was here to formulate a strategy for the upcoming championship season with respect to Venky's expectations and subsequent financing, transfers, fan building, etc. 
    [Deleted User]munna219777
  • 10 years of takeover of blackburn rovers by venkys. one of the things which didn't give Indian people a good image and brought more hatred.

  • well i didn't expect them to sign ronaldinho as player and maradona as manager but i wanted sunil chhetri and gurpreet singh in the main team. it would been good for indian football and increase fan base in india.

    also they were wrong in firing of sam allardyce . come on man, who does that.

    see this is why non football passionate people should buy football clubs.
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10467 Points
    Sunil couldn't cut it in MLS or Portuguese 3rd div and Sandhu couldn't in Norway. What makes you think they would have played for BlackBurn
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India29802 Points
    @mohammed_87hassan: But Sumeet Passi could make it in FC Jupiter B) :D
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    Signing Ronaldinho in 2010 & 11 is no big deal. Blackburn rovers even contacted his agent. Somehow he is not interested to join them.

    Sacking Sam Allardyce is a blunder. They lost to Manchester United in EPL match with some 7-1 and Venky's advisors has got good reason to influence owners.

    Signing Indian players for main team would be impossible for EPL/Championship clubs due to strict rules. At max, they can sign a Indian player for their academy.

    Now, more or less, Blackburn rovers is stabilized club with good set of players in senior team and their academy is good as always.

    Though Blackburn are placed 9th in current Championship season, they are the most offensive team with most number of goals (29) and next best team scored 24 goals.. Difference b/w 1st placed & Blackburn is 4 points after 15 games. Hope at-least they qualify for play-offs.
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6569 Points
    Blackburn rovers away kit looks very good. Mainly the color combination (red & black ). Hope some Indian football club will be able to board Macron as kit sponsor.
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