I-League 2nd Division



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    Too bad. I wanted a team from Delhi.
  • G_KG_K Kerala5182 Points
    Sudeva Delhi is already there.
  • G_KG_K Kerala5182 Points
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    Rajasthan United FC 2 - 0 Madan Maharaj FC

    So it's a knockout match between Rajasthan United and Kenkre coming up next with RUFC qualifying if it's a draw.

    Edited 😀
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India29696 Points
    G_K said:
    Rajasthan United FC 1 - 0 Madan Maharaj FC

    So it's a knockout match between Rajasthan United and Kenkre coming up next with RUFC qualifying if it's a draw.
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  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
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    Great News for Rajasthan Football

    But it will not be that easy on Saturday. Kenkre FC is a very capable team

  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India9298 Points
    I would root for RUFC, teams like Kenkre should not be allowed in iLeague. We have one family team already in the form of Churchill Brothers, why do we need another? Kenkre would never add value to i-league, no fan base, wont ever have a fan base, not enough money to actually build infrastructure or a good academy. 
  • SukunSukun Mumbai364 Points
    Kenkre Football academy is one of the best academy in Mumbai,which has students coming from suburbs like Thane,Ambernath,New Mumbai,Virar ,Kalyan ,Dombivili and even other parts of Maharashtra. Mumbai do has an Isl team, but as of now only Reynier and Bheke are local players. Mumbai FC used to have decent participation of Mumbai based players. A person playing in Kenkre academy is seen with respect in football scene within Mumbai and neighboring suburbs. If India was a footballing nation we would have around 5 to 6 teams playing in top ,first and second division given the talent and participation people have in Mumbai and its suburbs.But there is no such mass level scouting and support as good teams in Mumbai level district league crash out without perfect growth strategy,Players then settle for PSU teams/ Corporate teams or leave football.Politicians,Movie stars and their heir play football only when there is credit or footage to be taken,it is never about the  game, it is always about the people with fame and media management. Infact,there should be more Kenkre and teams with local name that connects us with team so that people connect with it,for example Mohun Bagan or East Bengal has a connect with Kolkata people.  Kenkre qualifying for first division will revive local Mumbai scene and Rajasthan qualifying will breach the Central India.
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    @Sukun most player from their team are from Academy?
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29267 Points
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