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    I like Mihir Vasavda's articles.  He's very good. I followed his write ups during the Euro also.
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    naotoyo said:
    I think the reason why nobody has started the discussion about this yet is because there hasn't been any news about this. Well, to me at least did not really see any news about this. Considering that this thread was posted 10 years ago. Aside from this, have you tried playing online casinos.
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    Four teams to play 2nd Division Qualifiers during Feb 12 - 16.

    - Shillong Lajong FC (Meghalaya)
    - Corbett FC (Uttarakhand)
    - United Chirang Duar FC (Assam)
    - Downtown Heroes FC (Jammu & Kashmir)

    Top 2 will join 17 other teams in the final round.

    - RKM FA (Chattisgarh)
    - Delhi FC (Delhi)
    - Dempo SC (Goa)
    - ARA FC (Gujarat)
    - Techtro Swades United FC (Himachal Pradesh)
    - FC Bengaluru United (Karnataka)
    - Golden Threads FC (Kerala)
    - The Diamond Rock FA (Madhya Pradesh)
    - Ambernath United Atlanta FC (Maharashtra)
    - Jagat Singh Palahi FA (Punjab)
    - United SC (West Bengal)

    - Bengaluru FC Reserves
    - Chennaiyin FC Reserves
    - East Bengal FC Reserves
    - FC Goa Reserves
    - Hyderabad FC Reserves
    - Mumbai City FC Reserves

    AIFF wanted it to be 20 teams, but now there's only 19. Is the solution too difficult. Make three teams qualify from the qualifiers instead of 2. 
  • why kbfc reserves not participating
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    How come FC Bengaluru United in I-League 2 when SC Bengaluru won the BDFA League
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    KBFC Sporting Director: "Our reserve team during last 10-11 months played around 30-35 games,had well organized trainings and currently playing in Kerala league,  preparing for expanded development league..
    2nd division dates was announced too late, we had our plans done..next year we will reconsider it"
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    What is expanded development league ?
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    One thing I agree is that AIFF takes the lower division clubs for granted. If they had implemented the roadmap it is fine. But they can't just say ok we will do it in 20 days. In fact they should have next year's schedule done already and give it to them. Clubs need to plan logistics, stay and many other things. In current environment the least AIFF could do is give them schedule ahead of time to best schedule and organize things. 

    If they can't have a concrete calendar what job are they even doing? They need to get rid of a lot of deadweight in AIFF office.  they have 150+ staff and they can't figure out what is the best thing to do for domestic calendar. Also, currently when state leagues are held do ISL/I-league reserve clubs get to choose to play where they want? It might be impossible to avoid clashes. But they need to give more clarity here.
  • ashindia said:
    What is expanded development league ?
    i think a proper youth league was discussed earlier when arrows was disbanded. 
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    @indianFootballFan SC Bengaluru won the current season. They should get nomination for the next year's I League 2.
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