Another Mohun Bagan coach resign!



  • > Pratik234 said:
    > santosh kashyap should be sacked he dont deserve to coach a top club he should had been been better off with Air India 

    More than Santosh grabbing the opportunity( to make his CV a bit weighty!), Bagan officials deserve kudos for digging out  his name out of nowhere! 


  • bagan is really doing all the wrong things right...

    1)splash money , overpay and buy the stars = surely win the trophy thinking

    2) Get a midlevel finish coach, but gritty coach for MB and expect him to deliver from day 1.. no time to let him aclimatise  or expect failures from him... Why did they choose him at all, to fire him later on?.

    3) realise that managing a club is not like managing your house..a club running must be professional .. EB has relaised this 2 seasons back whiel MB are still blundering away..

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