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    The logic against vineeth is that he is a cpim supporter what ..I dont want to get in to politics here but those people accusing vineeth for his politics also have their own politics ..
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    Communists are genocidal fascists and must be neutralized. We endured them in our state for 3 decades, finally, we taught them a lesson that their forefathers would not forget. 
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    Unfortunately, law funtions on evidence.The girl who claimed to be molested under POCSO(was found to be an adult) after the tallying of her Date of Birth Certificate with the event at which she claimed to be molested.That is why the Person(Brij Bhushan) was not arrested. Moreover, it shows that something is fishy on part of the wrestlers. Every claim which they have made so far isn't tallying with reality.

    Moreover, they were(wrestlers) silent in front of the oversightsight committee which also included the Medal Winners like Marykom, Yogeshwar Dutt, P.T Usha. They are also Medal Winners. They should also be believed in the same manner as wrestlers expect us to believe them. However, they gave clean chit to Brij Bhushan.

    Moreover, cut this " sympathy thing"of being Medal Winners. Just because you have won a Medal doesn't  mean that you are above the Law and whatever you say will be taken on your face value, because if this the case then "Sushil Kumar" should be set free because he has won 2 Olympic Medals.

    Initially, I also was in support of the wrestlers but after these development(s).eg) Fake Pocso thing, I have reserved my judgement as certain keys are missing  and are being probed and it doesn't  appear to be as straight forward  a case as it initially appeared.
    Rule of law is being followed. The Government is a party to it till now,  as I can see. Let's  wait and watch how everything  pans out and keep faith in the judiciary. 
    I only hope that whosoever is the culprit should be punished. Whether it is " BrijBhushan" or the "wrestlers". It shouldn' t be a case where no one is the culprit.

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    That’s a good point. Someone has to be the culprit. If the wrestlers faked this then they deserve to go to jail just like they are demanding it for Brij Bhushan. 
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    Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh: India's wrestling chief charged with sexual harassment - BBC News

    I really hope people who kept defending a sexual abuser over athletes eat their own shit 
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    The state government is not eligible for spot quota appointment despite international talent in football. In Indian football, Rino Anto and Anas Edathotika, who are the defensive stalwarts, are neglected. Anas and Rino applied for the sports appointment for the year 2015-2019, but both their applications were rejected.

    Rino and Anas, who have represented India and excelled at top clubs in the ISL, are facing these difficulties when the government appoints the winners of the Santosh Trophy, the All India University competition, in the spots quota. The government’s reply is that those who have participated in World Cup, World University Championship, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games are eligible. The Indian senior team does not participate in any of these. Winners of Santosh Trophy and All India Inter University Championship are considered for sports recruitment. India’s top competitions like ISL and I. Those participating in the league are also barred from playing in competitions such as the Santosh Trophy. Both of them discussed the matter, but there was no decision.

    A member of the governing body of the Sports Council and an international star, C.K. Even though Vineeth has given a letter, the sports department is also unmoved. As things are like this, Anas and Rino are in constant neglect of sports talents in Kerala. Anas has played 21 matches and Rino 9 matches for India at the senior level, including World Cup qualifiers.

    State government rejected spot quota application of Rino Anto and Anas Edathodika

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    In the interview, CK Vineeth tells about lots of state level players who played for Kerala in Santosh Trophy and other departmental teams find it difficult to move to other clubs because of fearing of losing jobs. One of the names he mentiond was about Asif Saheer who played for Kerala & SBT was such a talented guy to never get into NT setup.

    One of the biggest info which I was very curious over the years  was how much salary does playing for NT give?

    Vineeth said there is no such fixed salary for NT but once you are called up for the camp, for every days you spend there until the matchday you get 600 rupees per day. This info is until he last played for NT which comes around 2017. He is not sure if it is increased now. 
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    this actually makes me think as per NT camp which runs around 2-4 weeks until tournamnets a player will make around at 17,000 rupees at maximum .
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    its now 1000 per day, and its an allowance.
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