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    dev_pfc said:
    its now 1000 per day, and its an allowance.
    I don't want to sound like a communist. But when the top AIFF brass are making 1.4 Cr annually. They should ensure the team player earns at least respectable money like 20k per game. With this money they can only pay for the transport to reach their home :smile: after the camp. This is exploitation, players love your country and are giving their sweat/blood on the field. We should be respectful of that. Unlike most top Asian countries we also don't cover all the medical expenses and surgeries as the clubs can look after the players. AIFF has to put efforts into this to show the players they care about such issues.

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     With this money they can only pay for the transport to reach their home smile after the camp. 

    i think transportation issue was sorted in post 2005-2010 era. because i remember reading a news article of then Indian GK Subrata Pal saying that we are now travelling in 2nd AC compartment whereas earlier they were not even sure of sleeper class ticket and instead sometimes travelled in unreserved coaches.

    Later on since post 2010 players were travelling in planes with all expenses covered.

    This makes me think how much hardships players like Bhaichung Bhutai and IM Vijyan went through.

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    Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh: India's wrestling chief charged with sexual harassment - BBC News

    I really hope people who kept defending a sexual abuser over athletes eat their own shit 
    So? Ate your own shit now? Or want some shit from these wrestlers too? This was nothing but a anti BJP stunt which has been shut down as things went wrong by Khangressis. Stop your anti Hindu tirade.
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    Brij Bhushan haven't got a clean sheet. Let's wait for the outcome.

    None of the political parties are clean. Both Congress & BJP are same. Also please don't post communal things.

    It's NOT the right platform/thread to drag this discussion. I hope we end our discussion here. 
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    In the interview, CK Vineeth tells about lots of state level players who played for Kerala in Santosh Trophy and other departmental teams find it difficult to move to other clubs because of fearing of losing jobs. One of the names he mentiond was about Asif Saheer who played for Kerala & SBT was such a talented guy to never get into NT setup.

    One of the biggest info which I was very curious over the years  was how much salary does playing for NT give?

    Vineeth said there is no such fixed salary for NT but once you are called up for the camp, for every days you spend there until the matchday you get 600 rupees per day. This info is until he last played for NT which comes around 2017. He is not sure if it is increased now. 
    Raegan Albarnas was a super talent who represented India in youth level. Some who watched him CFA league say he is better than Nandha and Soosairaj. 

    But he never left Chennai to pursue his career because he had a very stable and good job with the govt. 

    A lot of footballers come from poor backgrounds and are content staying in their city, state or playing in India and not moving abroad because they have a stable career , jobs and one bad steap and their life is upside down 

    Look at Alan deory very successful footballer for India at all age group levels but is struggling to get money for a surgery 
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