Rename all the I-League teams



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    Its a hypothetical thread.
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    Brain hamrage thread
  • Gokulam - North Kerala FC
    Chennai city - Coimbatore FC
    Minerva - Punjab Warriors
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    They are much better right now.
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    Names are the weak points of the IL clubs. Poor names indicate lack of understanding & vision, or casualness on the part of the owners/ promoters. Gokulam is a shit name and a throwback to the Mahindra 'United' era. They considered Malabar FC at some point of time, or were suggested by AIFF. That would have been so much better for the fans.

    It beats me why a club named 'Chennai City' should play from Coimbatore. If it is a stop-gap arrangement then it is fine. But I don't see they can dislodge Chennaiyin FC as top Chennai club in the near future. So they should accept to be the second best, settle for Coimbatore and rename accordingly.

    Minerva sounds like a ladies' club. They can definitely change their name, and while they are doing it, can change that awful jersey as well.

    Yes, there is a case for changing name for some IL clubs.
    indian_goonergoalkeeparSOCCER4kldeepak dedhaatuljg
  • Absolutely. But there is already a club named malabar united. 
    Also as u mentioned, these company names cost i league badly which lead to popularity of ISL. 
    Mahindra united, jct, ongc, air india etc didn't thought about good names and suffered. Had they thought logically, there would not have been need of ISL. 
    Will anyone be fan if bengaluru fc was JSW fc?
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    I disagree with @Deb_Ban on Gokulam and Minerva, agree on CCFC, you have to look at clubs in China, Korea,Japan. 90% of there clubs have sponsor name in the club name there is nothing wrong in it, its not Gokulam Fc or Minerva Fc they have been renamed to Gokulam Kerala Fc and miverva punjab Fc, one of most successful teams in Asia has sponsor name in the club name eg Guangzhou "evergrande" ,Ulsan "Hyundai" etc, just look at BFC, the most professional club in india, its official name is "JSW" Bengaluru FC, now I hope you understand there is nothing wrong with GKFC or MPFC. They are still better names then a club like "ATK" who name meaning is still a mystery
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    Minerva is not sponsor's name.
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