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  • But to engage more with fans and city they are based in, they must do something. Arsenal and juventus are not a place name but are meaningful, have long history, are catchy and good. We feel emotions regarding it. 
    ATK is the unwanted football club of India. Actually there is no need of ATK in Kolkata. 
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    I think concept of City or Area name to excel club is not that correct,,,,

    on one side we have east bengal/Mohan bagan/mohd sporting....

    other side we have: Mumbai FC/Pune FC/ Mumbai City FC/Pune city fc

    I guess all depends on team management & local population's interest in football....
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    Popularity depends on performance not name.
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    Popularity also depends upon a club which the fans identify with. A name after anything that is public is a first step towards that. 

    Mohun Bagan is a place. East Bengal is (part of ) a state. Mohammedan Sporting is after a religion (though I don't approve them), Bengaluru is a city, and so on. Same as with Arsenal, Chelsea or Bayern. On the other hand Dempo, Salgaocar, Mahindra and Gokulam are private entities which no outsiders would be interested to support/ track/ cheer. 

    And as far as BFC is concerned, popularly they are Bengaluru FC than JSW FC, but for GKFC, they are Gokulam FC than Kerala FC.
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    Let me tell you one thing ........ no offence but Kerala Blasters (name sound like some local gang name) is one the shittest named team and they still have highest no of fans in India.
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    That partially because of the 'Kerala' prefix and also some good organisation. 'Blasters' suffix would not help if the name was 'Karur Vaisya Bank Blasters' or 'Malayala Manorama Blasters' (God forbid), as it didn't help the Mahindras to have an 'United' suffix.
  • ok let's take Bayer Leverkusen, PSV Endhoven. These clubs have corporate names with them. But they have a long history and valid reason why they have  those names. Even it sounds cool and good. But Indian clubs don't have good names. That's why we feel boring. Add to it poor telecasting, bad stadium conditions, empty stadiums lead to downfall of the game.
    Now in this modern era, where there are many entertainment things, football club owners should think of unique ways to attract crowds. 
    If gokulam doesn't want to change their name, then they should play in Manjeri in Malappuram instead of kozhikode because there people are mad about football. Else they can Name it like "North Kerala FC" and in their jersey put "Gokulam".
    If they still want gokulam in their name, then "North Kerala FC powered by Gokulam" . In this way, the fans won't be botherted about Gokulam, they can ignore the last part. :D

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    Football fans are not necessarily fans of any particular club just because they belong to that city / geographical area.
    You do not see any London FC club or Glasgow FC club or Istanbul FC.. Instead we have Chelsea Arsenal Tottenham  or Celtic Rangers. Club fans used to  associate due to reasons such as professions or economic status or religion or state/province name or  just because they have rivalry with other demographic.
    This suggestion that clubs need to have a city in their name is not true. Fans need to get an identity with following a particular club, that is important.
    Kerala Blasters has done that in kerala. Mohammedan Sporting used to have it in the past. They dont need Cochin or Calcutta in their name. 
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  • @munna219777 , yes what you have mentioned is correct. Celtic and Rangers are based on religion. Arsenal was once a factory.
    But in India, we are a kirket crazy nation. And football is still getting interest in baby steps. And ISL have named their clubs in a elegant and plesant way to attract fans who follow European leagues. They definitely can't identify with shitty corporate names.
    So, in order for the game to flourish, it is need not neccessary to name the club after geographical area but it should be good to hear. Gokulam doesn't sound good to me. I think most of us would feel like that. Minerva is ok
  • Another Indian examples. Let's look into IPL.
    Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad.
    Would anyone be fan if they were named United Breweries Sporting or Sun Group cricket club
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