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    Balwant at this stage is way better than Jeje. 

    Jeje was always slow and post his 1 year lay off he's more slower and his contribution look very minimal. Will be surprised if he makes a comeback
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    How Alejandro convinced Real Madrid mate Manolo Diaz to take up East Bengal job

    Kolkata did not bring any sunny days to him. He came like a king but left with unfulfilled dreams and an unfinished task. Alejandro Menendez Garcia stepped down as head coach of East Bengal after being humbled in a derby. Once a heartthrob is now living a life filled with agony and despair coaching in lower division Spanish side Albacete Balompie. Still, he looks back fondly at his Kolkata days and keeps telling everyone around how it was an experience of a lifetime. Bruised, betrayed and yet most loved – how can he forget the Kolkata chapter?

    That is how he has convinced Manuel Manolo Diaz to come to Kolkata and take the charge of the red and gold brigade. East Bengal announced Manolo as their head coach, a couple of days ago after Englishman Robbie Fowler left.

    Manolo and Alejandro were quite known to each other since their Real Madrid days. Manolo was coach of various age groups of Real Madrid. On the other hand, Alejandro was in charge of Real Madrid Castilla (reserve team) back in 2009. During Manolo’s tenure as Real Madrid C team coach, the two Spaniards came to know each other and got along really well.

    Alejandro gets very nostalgic to indianexpress.com, “I was coach of Real Madrid Castilla from 2009 to 2011. Manolo was coach of Real Madrid C. Since then we have been good friends.”

    In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, Alejandro revealed the dilemma Manolo was going through after receiving the offer to become the new East Bengal boss. He had several offers around the world including one from China. But Alejandro pushed him for the East Bengal job by telling him that Kolkata has an unparalleled football tradition and the football crazy atmosphere would make him feel alive every moment. That is when Manolo decided to say yes to East Bengal’s offer.

    “Manolo is going to make headlines, for sure. Speak to him. People might not like to hear much from me,” said Alejandro.

    Does he still possess that heart break, who knows!

    East Bengal are likely to acquire the services of Croatian-Australian centre back Tomislav Mrcela who played for A-League side Perth Glory, according to sources. The 30-year-old Aussie star will be included in the Asian quota. If sources are to be believed, five foreigners have already been selected by the red and gold management for the coming season. Among them two are Croatian (Tomislav Mrcela, having Australian passport), one each from the Netherlands, Slovenia and Nigeria. Official announcement is yet to be made.


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    Some clubs should sign this alejandro as coach. !!
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    He is a big zero without Mario.
  • Robbie Fowler is in New York - Flushing Meadows watching US Open Finals. 
    TV cameras showed him 
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6517 Points
    Robbie Fowler is in New York - Flushing Meadows watching US Open Finals. 
    TV cameras showed him 
    Maybe it's not true.

    He is with Liverpool team yesterday and available in Ellan Road (Leeds home ground) during post match presentation as well.
  • @Nagendra ;    That has confused many people. Either there was his lookalike in New York or he was doing post match presentation remotely

  • athi_bheekaranathi_bheekaran Some where in Singularity1092 Points
    Arun67 said:
    He is a big zero without Mario.
    Then let him take Mario with him. Anyway Mario alone couldn't do any wonders (Time can't be said as an issue). Then they can be together.
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6517 Points
    @Nagendra ;    That has confused many people. Either there was his lookalike in New York or he was doing post match presentation remotely

    The one who is in New York might be looking like Fowler. I watched Liverpool vs Leeds United game. He is in the stadium as a spectator followed by post match presentation.

    Sorry guys for spamming the thread.
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