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    Indian Super league 14 teams (10 teams plus EB, MB plus Top 2 teams promoted from I league). Increase Franchise fee for existing teams to cover for expense & reduce sponsorship payment of top two teams of i league since u r getting AFC Champ league Spot. One of the two promoted teams will be relegated at season end  (August to February) - 5 foreigners with max of 6 nos in squad & gradually reduce to 4 foreigners in line-up within 3 years) 

    I League 1 (14 teams) with Top team promoted to ISL & 1 team relegated (6 teams plus 1 nos I-league 2 team promoted plus Indian Arrows (U19 team) plus Teams from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Mumbai & Delhi) (August to February) - TV telecast, 3 foreigners with max of 4 foreigners in squad.

    I League 2 (14 teams with teams promoted from State league, India U 16 team, balance quota can be filled with ISL reserve teams) - December to February - Live Streaming-Maximum of 1 foreign player

    Super Cup (March) -16 teams , Top 8 of ISL & I League 1

    Duleep Trophy like India A, India B, India C,  India D & India Arrows with Game time for India Probables during June (Pre season begins for Top tier in July)

    I League U 18, I League U15 & I League U13 with a structure similiar to current system planned just before AFC U16, U19 

    Try to provide some funds to state organisations to help them organise a State League 

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    @shanks_dehighliving : Just make it continuous story. Currently your article has 3-4 parts which are disconnected, its like 4 articles. Also you have used 3 different type of formats to deliver your thoughts (first 2 text, then slides & then excel). Make it uniform
    Give sub headings to each section
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    I will get to it tonight and tomorrow 
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    Was missing these kind of posts on IFN . 
    Good job shanks.
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    @shanks_dehighliving: Thanks a lot for taking the time out to post your meticulously researched suggestion. This goes to show that we can actually activate a qualitative change, however small it may be, in Indian football, if we have the will and the persistence. Well done, and keep it up!!

    Just shows that people take life seriously after engagement :) B)
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    Guys I dont know whether this is a good idea which Iam going to tell..our youth leagues are not really a league,  they are just tournaments. Teams getting knocked out early in the league play 3 or 4 matches only. Conducting a lengthy league at the national level is a costly affair. State football associations are not interested in conducting proper youth leagues. If AIFF can construct a 'residential' setup in a place where teams as many as 30 'stay' there and play in a longer league,transportation costs can be saved. Other costs can be shared amongst the teams. What is the benefit is that these players from the U13 level get to play minimum 30
    matches each season. India has a lot of football academies and youth teams of Isl and I league teams. They can become a part of this project. 
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    Shankies Roadmap for Indian football 
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