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    football is a young game mate. the more exposure to youth the better their match sharpness his.

    however these tournaments can be used for youth + reserve teams + players requiring match fitness. friendlies should be the best pre-season prep. given the pressure our indian coaches are in they shouldnt be judged immediatly in competitive cup football bjt rather a chess board called a league.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Cool... so make new tournaments from these instead of tarnishing the reputation of past competitions. Durand Cup is probably an exception as that rep was tarnished long ago.
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    So... this happened in Japanese basketball last year:

    Who wants to take a snap at this "FIFA suspends AIFF" thing (Can they with the 2017 FIFA U17 World Cup not that far away and with more money at stake in India for football than Japan for basketball?)
  • They had two leagues from same Association? I wonder if in India case, AIFF is only organising I-League. ISL is unrecognised private league organised by IMG-Reliance, an unrecognised body too. I dont think FIFA can suspend AIFF on this reason.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    From what I have read on it is pretty much exactly like the current situation here. The NBL is the league ran by he Japanese Basketball Association, there is a 2nd Division under it (not sure if there is pro/rel) and then you have the independent BJ. League which is franchised and like I said, independent of the JBA.

    FIBA did not like this and then suspended Japan until a merger was done... and they did and the new merged league will occur in 2016.

    Only difference is that the merger between the leagues was probably a lot easier than the ISL/I-League will be. First off, there is no situation in Japan where one league was playing a shorter-than-normal schedule, whereas we have that in India and there are fears here of doing that as we don't know what will happen. Also the quality of players between the two leagues was not that different. The BJ League is more professional and better quality (based on what I've read) but the gap is not nearly as much as the ISL/I-League is. Also probably not much of a difference in money as well.
  • DXDX 4074 Points
    were they suspended as a jap guy playing a tall only game like basketball is criminal? ;)
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Hey, as a 5 foot, 8 inches guy I am offended, I was the 231st best player in my school!
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Surprised that none of the ISL haters have come on yet to call for FIFA to suspend the AIFF... drastic measures needed here folks.

    Personally I would not mind cause the current system does need to change soon rather than later.
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India9275 Points
    FIFA? Their own president would be in jail soon. What we need is a funding stop from the government to AIFF first. If that doesn't bring them in line, then we need Government intervention.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Government intervention would get us suspended as well so we all win :D
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