International Sports not in India but soon could be

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This thread is just to update you guys on what is happening in other International Leagues that pertain to other sports.

Example: The National Basketball League (NBA) - United States

This is also to get some users interested in these sports so that they could make it in India.


  • Current NBA Table: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""; onclick=";return false;"> ... d_Cnf.html</a><!-- m -->

    The top 8 from each conference move on to the play-offs.
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    American Football I love that......
  • sachimsachim 131 Points
    Although i dont get most of it.....
  • American Football sucks, stick to Rugby mate
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    the only USA game i want it to make its entry in indian sports in basketball...i am waiting img to come up with a new basketball league at least in metros,where it will be a assured hit among youths
  • the only USA game i want it to make its entry in indian sports in basketball...i am waiting img to come up with a new basketball league at least in metros,where it will be a assured hit among youths
    Exactly. I mean Basketball will be the only famous one.

    American Football: Wont make it. The league will have 90% American Rejects. The Indians they have are not physically ready. They only have one stadium. Pune FC will most likely sue them if they use the Balewadi Stadium. Fans will like Football and Rugby more than American Football.

    Baseball: We already have cricket which can not be beaten by any sport and another bat and ball sport wont make it here. May have its fans here but a local league wont work.

    Ice Hockey: Do I need to explain. Wont make it.
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    i am huge dallas mavericks fan,smu mustangs and college football
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    i want ice hockey in north india where cold season is there , its very famous game coz last world cup news was being broadcasted in sportscenter asia & they told south east asian countries got huge no of viewers..

    volleyball world championshio & world cup of basketball should be held in india coz we have indoor stadiums coming up with good facilites..

    i also love rugby union, i wud love to see india playing all blacks in new zealand, against england @ twinkenham, i followed this game during 6 nations tournament in 2003..its amazing...i love all blacks doing haka
  • once upon a time in espn NHL was broadcated in espn...@arsenalfan can u tell us more about ice hockey , which team do u follow?
  • @Jitinjoseph I follow the New Jersey Devils. There my local team and I have been to a lot of there games. They are in 10th place in the league (6th in the Eastern Conference).

    As for information, well the league is based on franchises. Technically I think we could have a few teams in South India to even though they are hot as we have a lot of teams in the south of America where it barely snows and usually its 90 degrees all year. The league is based on conferences, so you have 30 teams in the whole league split into 2 conferences (East and West) with 15 teams in each. Every team plays each other (how many times is different per team) and at the end the top 8 teams from the conferences go on into the play-offs.

    The play-off bracket is 7 games maximum long, first team to win 4 games goes on into the next round (by that I mean two teams play each other in 7 separate games). Your opponent is based off where you were in the conference table. So 1st place in the East plays 8th place in the East and so on (2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th etc.)

    Then after that the winners of the last round move on to the conference semifinals where it is again a best of 7 series. So basically winner of the 1st vs 8th game vs 4th vs 5th game winner and so on. The after that it is the conference final where the winner becomes the champion of the west or east. Again it is a best of 7 series. Then after that they go onto the final round were it is the Eastern Champions vs the Western Champions and they play out a best of 7 series. Home advantage (the team that gets more home games out of the 7 games) is determined from the All-Star game which takes place at the half way mark of the regular season where the best players in the East take on the best players in the West in a one-off game. The winner of the Final becomes NHL champions.

    For more info see the wikipedia for the 2010-11 NHL Season...–11_NHL_season

    Glad your into the sport.
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