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  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29159 Points

    After getting attacked by Ghost of Balewadi 

    samindian_goonerdeepak dedhagiridharanashindiaG_KSukun
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India9249 Points
    Neymar will be the new GoB! Khalid Jamil will himself present the trophy. 
  • samsam 16334 Points
    edited October 12
    Ex EB coach Mario Rivera is now the coach of Brunei
    Recently they lost 6-0 to Indonesia in WCQs
  • samsam 16334 Points
    So, Pakistan drew against Cambodia in their 1st leg match in Phnom Penh. Goalless draw. Constantine was the coach. Did anyone watch the match or its highlights?
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India29469 Points

    Full match

  • RonnyRonny 10427 Points
    Afghanistan has beaten Mongolia 2-0 over aggregate and will join us again in the 2nd round
  • rathorevarun4 rathorevarun4 1632 Points
    edited October 17
    Stephen made it... Pakistan beat Mongolia 1-0 and qualifies for next round.... First win in their history of qualifiers.... One thing for sure stimac is a very jugadi coach
  • Kuwait defeated syria 2-1... It will not be easy for us....
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6340 Points
    We have played them twice at Home. We know Kuwait strengths & weaknesses and vice-versa. Kuwait might be toughest team in pot3. But no teams are easy from pot3 (We lost to Lebanon & Malaysia in away games, Tajikistan & N.Korea at Home, Turkmenistan in both Home & Away games).

    If we are aiming for 3rd round, we should defeat teams like Kuwait & at-least a draw against Qatar (we did once & came very close with 10 men in another instance).

    In third round, based on the current FIFA rankings, there is a possibility of getting teams like Japan/Iran/S.Korea & Australia in same group. Just imagine if we are getting chance to play against Japan 2 times & Australia 2 times & 2 more games with teams like Iraq/UAE/Uzbekistan/Oman.

    As I mentioned earlier, we are fortunate enough to get Qatar in WCQ instead of top Asian nations.
    We should aim for 6 points against Afghanistan, 4 points against Kuwait & 2 points against Qatar : 11-12 points should be enough for us to qualify to 3rd round. 
  • RonnyRonny 10427 Points
    All wishful thinking..everything depends on first 2 games as it literally decides if we stand a chance or not
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