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    Almost 30 Crore Rupee business for Avengers : Infinity War in India. Biggest by any Hollywood movie and 8th All-time opening.

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    avengers worldwide business $857,531,270
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    They'll hit 1-1.5 Billion dollar mark . 
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    Biggest Hollywood movie by collections so far in India. First week business of 156 crore Nett  Rupees out of which Hindi dubbed version collected 62 crore nett,. Both of these figures are records.

    Avengers release in China has been delayed till November. Once we put that into consideration, even 2 Billion collection mark is possible.

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    Saw avengers infinity war.. Darkest film in MCU. Didn't enjoy as much as previous 2 films. But nevertheless everyone has to watch it. Waiting for the conclusion next year. 
    Also waiting for ant man and the wasp in July. 
    Then there is deadpool 2. Jurassic world fallen kingdom. Mission impossible fallout. Aquaman.
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    Infinity war was awesome!! So much emotions in a single marvel movie for me!
    deepak dedhamunna219777indian_gooner
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    "A rookie joins a job completes difficult on job training and goes to floor. later on she started to realise her job sucks even if she is doing great contribution for company's better future. Eventually she leaves job after realising its too much to handle and she will become robot like other colleagues."

    Well , this is actual plot synopsis except premises is different.
    this is adaption of real life events as told(although there was some disclaimer at start which was way too big to read in short time so not sure what I missed).

    Usually spies are men and women so steeped in 'dark bureaucratic truths' that they have lost the ability to function fully as human beings. Raazi on the other had is about a spy who tried to function as a human being and finally has to pay price. Now movies does great job in portraying this but you can understand amount of toll it takes on individual while performing duties of spy.

    Attention to detail is Meghna Gulzar's strong suit. Spy training , Army wife's life , Islamic customs sets up movie very well.Pace is perfect(having not seen any trailer whatsoever worked well for me). Only bad thing is its predictability at certain points.
    Alia has done justice to her character, its good to see she does such different types of movies.Rest cast is perfectly blended (Jaideep Ahlawat or Vicky Kaushal)
    Amruta Khanvilkar is wasted , wonder why she does such roles with absolute no importance to story
    Background score is forgettable

    Overall 3/5

    P.s. Going back to synopsis and leaving aside funny part.I wonder being spy is good or bad(you may have to kill person who is your enemy otherwise he will kill you).
    I am sure thats not what Director wants to convey. Nevertheless its good to know more about such unsung heroes.

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    Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

    Deadpool 2 Is Even Better Than the Original

    The sequel is at least as hilarious, and features a better plot, better villains—including a standout performance by Josh Brolin—and a few unexpected swerves.

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    Deadpool 2

    Probably only Superhero film where hero swears, kills people, and breaks the fourth wall.. If you thought first part was dirty (in a good way) then this is even better .. its funnier and more violent than all other Marvel Films combined

     Well story is simple, Good vs Evil and Good always wins just that Deadpool has unique style of doing it. their USP is Dark humour well supported by some raunchy action scenes & for that matter David Leitch indeed knows his way around action scenes, and the fights and stand-offs are duly impressive, backed up by Deadpool’s sarcastic commentary and funny references.

    Star cast is diverse , Ryan Renolds is king of all hes like those stars who are born for that specific role e.g. Huge Jackman as Wolvarine, Robert Downy Jr as Iron man etc His Dialogue Delivery & timing is sublime. apart from him Josh Brollin stands out, I wont be surprised if he become master of Negative roles or something..

    Movie is short and sweet
    Quirky lines and meta jokes
    catchy background score(opening credits is hilarious for that matter in every sense)

    Cons: Time travel theory is complex thing but it is poorly executed, in fact end credits makes no sense to me
    also crossover with X men is not that impressive since there are no known or interesting superheros left as such..

    Overall 4/5 good watch , will watch it again(Especially in Hindi :P)
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