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    Baichung Bhutia opens his mouth once again regarding Indian Super League

    Honestly, this is just bloody stupid. The man did not even have any say in how the league would be ran! How can we just blindly give these jokers known as IMG-Reliance the right to do whatever they want with Indian football? There ideas will kill Indian football!

    Now, don't get me wrong here, I am a major supporter of a franchise system in Indian football but not like this at all. This IPL, 2-3 month style just will not work in Indian football. Hell, the only real success with this format is the IPL! There are many cricket leagues that use it and they are no where close to the level IPL is at! Football is a game that needs to be 7-10 months long at domestic level and if the idiots at IMG-Reliance do not realize this then this will kill the I-League and kill Indian football and once they realize it, it will be to late.

    I just do not see how this will work.
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    If u read it fully u wil know he did made some gud points indeed
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    I did read the whole thing but there is a difference in speaking and a difference in action. Ya, so the players were at a disadvantage because IMG-Reliance were to quick and the players had no clubs... so what?

    The only good thing that came from that is the competitvness of the I-League. Rangdajied United, for example, would be screwed without their IMG-Reliance players. So could also make a case for Mohammedan but I am guessing Mohammedan would have signed those players regardless.
  • The new afc format would be good for India 
    * more matches - win or lose , play good teams . no need to arrange friendlies  . all matches will be a 'competitive' game, so more FIFA points, provided we win.
    * 24 teams Asian Cup - copied from UEFA. it will give a hope and relief to qualify rather than just playing the qualifiers for the 16 team event.
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    Ya, again, more matches does not equal automatic increase in quality or increase in rankings. If we win then yes we gain but if we lose we are done for. Also, what is the point of playing a team like Japan once in a while now? It would really be us playing our best and not them. Same if it was only a team like Thailand... no reason to fear India. Come, beat, and leave. No advantage to India.

    As for the 24 slots... thats just 8 more India wont get. We are not that good yet, people need to realize this. Teams like Lebanon, Malaysia, Iraq, Indonesia and Thailand will benefit from this but not us. We will just make up the numbers.

    The AFC Challenge Cup was our only real way to get in... more than 20 years of failure under the old format and then we get this tournament and make it... now its gone.
  • Iraq is not really in that list. The teams who would really benefit this is Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Syria, Singapore, Yemen, Afghanistan, and the list goes on. I don't see India beating them. 

    By the way, someone said we put up a good fight and drew against UAE in a world cup qualifier, something like that. Well guess what we played in a swimming pool, did you even watch that game. That was not football, it was water polo but they used their foot.
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    Plus they already had like a 3-0 lead coming into the match... it was practically a done deal by the time the match started.
  • Yeah I watch the match and Subrata was sent out but I must say prior to that India did play well in the first 20 minutes before going one man down.  Similar type but no one was sent in the recently concluded under 19 AFC qualifiers, when we played Qatar, we were playing so well in the first half and then what happened, lost by 2 goals.
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    Potsangbam Renedy Singh is the new president of Football Players Association of India (FPAI).
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    @ Pondicherry ...why cant you see India beating Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Syria, Singapore, Yemen, Afghanistan???...

    Whats the big deal about these countries..are you going on the basis of our Last Challenge cup or Nehru cup campaign?

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