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  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    renedy singh??? ofcourse baichung's best friend.....
  • lithinthomaslithinthomas 236 Points
    edited January 2014
    victory against those teams possible if team practise atleast 1 month together.....
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    @Pondicherry ;

    when india last met syria ,they were defeated 1-2
    then against malaysia also india won 3-2
    thailand defeated india in close contest 2-1 and i see every chance that if india play they have some chances...and if you see match against phillipines and nepal ...india did play well there....and now we got some gud palyers from i-league like balwant,gilbert....and possibly brandon from future looks bright for india....i think india can fight till 120th ranked team...
  • munna219777munna219777 27423 Points
    Right now India is ranked 31st in AFC. Well we can qualify and reach 24th if we improve. On the other hand in the old format, AFC challenge Cup is tough also. We cannot defeat teams like North korea and now other teams like Myanmar, Phillipines, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan are also difficult for us. We won AFC Challenge cup only once while hosting it in India otherwise our performance was generally shoddy in that tournament.

    We get more games to play in new format.
  • shibiershibier 2892 Points
    If we cant be the the one among 24 in Asia , what is the point in playing AFC  cup thru backdoor in the name of AFC challengers ?? And is there any real chance for a team  to win the challengers cup if they cant be the best 24 in Asia   !! 
  • If we cant be one among 24 in asia it is better not participate in AFC cup.But i think we can achieve it easy . It is not a himalayan task
  • @silicon3 Everyone knows we don't have a team who can beat those countries, we are not consistent, if we are improving step by step, then those countries are improving 2 steps ahead of us.

    @preetam are you talking about our victories in India, how about outside India? we got trashed by Tajikistan, this is in connection with the point for @silicon -- we played Tajikistan in India and beat them 4-1, yes we had Sunil. Look at the results after that, got beaten in the next AFC challenge cup 0-2 and got trashed 0-3 in a friendly last year. Same with Afghanistan.

    Yes, there are a few good players coming up but it would take them some time to settle. Concentrate on the grass root, academies, infrastructure and practice grounds. Send the boys abroad for exposure trips, yes, then we would see a leap from our current form or set of players and challenge all those countries Outside India. Just because AFC has increased the number of teams doesn't guarantee us a spot among the 24 because the fact is we never even scored a single point in a 2012 AFC challenge cup but it doesn't mean we can never qualify, yes we can and we will, if AIFF comes up with a good system, concentrate on the academies, etc. I think maybe we would start seeing our country performing better abroad after 2020.

    If India does perform well now and beat those countries mentioned not only in India but also in their backyard and neutral venue, yes, indeed I would be happy.
  • What i see is we are thinking of current Indian team, which is a crap. We need to look the u-19, u-16 teams who are now being well trained in some academies. We have u-17 WC. When they grow up, that bunch will do wonders. And it is being implemented in 2019. Still 5 years to go. Lot of time to prepare. 
  • RonnyRonny 9138 Points
    we will be a very good team soon...stop being negative
  • @indian_gooner Bang on target, well said mate.
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