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  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India7730 Points
    He can't. IFA cannot register him. I hope Aiff lobbies to a government PSU and get the lad a job. Or groom him for a coaching role. Unfortunate as it seems, India lost a good CB. 
  • G_KG_K Kerala705 Points
    edited September 8
    Even AIFF is in a very difficult situation. The safest choice is to not let him play. Otherwise, unfortunately if something happens in future, they will be held responsible too. But how can they say to a young player with this much talent and this much will power to try for a comeback, that he can't play his favourite game anymore.

    The decision can easily push the lad into depression. AIFF should try something to instill a new ambition in him on a related field.
  • Arun67Arun67 Navi Mumbai180 Points
    After joining few days back Sk.Faiyaz not willing to continue,  rumour  is he may join  Bhawanipore 
  • SamyajitSamyajit Kolkata980 Points
    According to Xtra Time, Mohammedan has got new investors- a UK based firm which will hold 49% shares.
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P3180 Points

    Stopping me from playing is a death sentence: Anwar Ali

    Anwar Ali doesn’t know what the future has in store for him. Whether he will feature in the top-tier league, or end up 
    playing non-recognised tournaments to make a living.

    Now, he has seen his dreams crumble in front of his eyes. His congenital heart condition -- an extremely rare form of  the already uncommon Hypercardio Myopathy (HCM) -- means the AIFF medical committee needs to take a call on his playing career.

    “Article 21 of the Indian Constitution guarantees me the right to earn a livelihood for myself. If I wish to take an informed risk and am ready to monitor my condition with the help of medical experts, then it is ultimately my choice, whether I wish to take the risk of playing football professionally.

    Really feeling sorry for this lad...
  • atuljgatuljg Trivandrum3838 Points
    Anwar Ali should not be allowed to play at any level. Punjab government should provide him a government job under sports quota. It's not wise to take a risk with such a cardiac illness.
  • munna219777munna219777 20771 Points
    Hopefully he will go for collegge degree and then take a coaching diploma from NIS Patiala. Become a coach and keep himself employed and connected with the sport.
    There are many footballers who ended their career very early due to injuries ad became a successful coach.
  • kartik91kartik91 Delhi1040 Points
    Something which james taylor is doing in England Cricket! 
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India20674 Points
    Tirthankar Sarkar of MSC has tested positive for COVID-19
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India7730 Points
    Majority of MSC officials are against giving out even a minority share to their potential investor. The deal stands cancelled :lol:
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