Indian State Leagues and Tournaments Thread

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I am surprised this thread is only being started right now. Well, anyway, I checked and saw that we have so many threads on small tournaments and state leagues but they only last for a few pages and then die out, thus leaving a bunch of random threads which shall never be read again. So I decided to start this thread so that we can post news about the small Indian state leagues and tournaments like the MDFA League or the Delhi Senior Division. Leagues and tournaments which don't have enough media coverage or fans to have their own threads. 

Leagues and tournaments such as the Calcutta Football League, Goa Professional League, Mizoram Premier League, Bangalore Super Division and the IFA Shield deserve their own threads as we have plenty of users who follow these events and plenty of news coverage.

HOWEVER! I would advise that if a user feels that a certain league or tournament deserves their own thread that they should request so here with a reason why and it can be done. I don't see the reason why someone has the jump the gun and create a thread on the "Kerala Corporate Cup 2014" when it will only last 2 pages before dying out. Cheers.


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