Commonwealth games 2014



  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    well in athletics vikas gowda won bandminton still chances are gud..same wid hockey indian men team is in expect some gud no. Of medals india is back in top 5 and scotland leading by 1 gold so exiciting events ahead..
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    Hats off to Vikas Gowda. It is not easy to win Gold medal in Athletics in CWG. Also Congratulations to Dipa Karmakar from Tripura for winning Bronze medal in Gymnastics.
    5 Medals are assured in Boxing. lets see how many Gold Medals? Our Hockey team looked great in defeating South Africa.
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    Last couple of days in Commonwealth games. Can our Boxers bring more medals? Can Kashyap win Badminton Gold? Congrats to Seema Antil for Silver medal in Discus Throw.
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    a big slap to hockey haters who said india is crap....india played without their best player sardar singh and defeated higher ranked  NZL 3-2 ...mark my word aussies are favourites but india will give them a run for GOLD medal....great day for hockey...indian hockey in rise...
  • footydipfootydip Ranaghat, Nadia, West Bengal2721 Points
    Historic win. 2-0 down to 3-2. Dramatic
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    Great performance by India Hockey team.
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    None of the boxer wins gold..all hav to settle wid silver....can hockey provide gold? Can they upset aussies?
  • BadBad 4465 Points
    Disappointing performance overall by Indian contingent.Currently 5th and with that also we our fighting to save our rank.

    bad infact) by our boxers.Not even a Single Gold Medal worries me.Asian
    Games will be even tougher for our boxers with Chinese,Japanese
    ,Mangolians ,Uzbeks ,Kazaks,Iranians ,Thai boxers it will be tougher for
    our boxers.

    Furthermore what was disappointing was that Mandeep
    (69kg) final had standcount 3 times and because of that his opponent won
    two rounds with a score of  10:8 which means that other boxer had
    complete domination in the rounds.

    Same for Vijender ,he also  had a standcount and his opponent won one round as 10:8.

    IN SHORT  VERY VERY disappointed from boxers as getting a medal out of the 4 main tournaments is easiest in commonwealth games.

    2)World championships
    3)Asian games
    4)Commonwealth games

    not getting a single Gold medal worries me about Indian Boxing.Further
    more our boxers specially Manndep Jangara and Vijender were actually
    completely outclassed in the finals.

  • CybertronCybertron 402 Points
    @Bad ;
    Indian athletes should think of Commonwealth games and Asian Games as a dress rehearsal (aim for the top i.e. top 3 position). Olympics and World Championships should be considered as the ultimate events. They should think big from now on.
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