Commonwealth games 2014



  • ashindiaashindia 6354 Points
    Indian boxing performance is not so good this time around cause our players are unable to cope up with new system cause they cannot play the full minutes. Earlier in point system they used to score many points and then defend but now it different cause you need to be good in all the halfs. Boxers are good but coaches teaching them are not.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13654 Points
    Apparently what is stopping Hockey India League from expanding is that there is only 1 month allowed by the international federation for foreign players to be available. It's stupid because the potential of the HIL is massive.
  • munna219777munna219777 20993 Points
    Boxing rules will change again. They are planning to bring back Head Gear as in competitions like this Commonwealth Games, a boxer has to fight almost every day for 4-5 days. stiches get open and bleeding was common to see in later rounds. It will be wrong to penalise a boxer because his wound from a previous fight get opened and then it becomes difficult for judges.

    In old rules, the intention was to get points by boxers as they box with white part of the gloves. Only those points were considered where random 3 out of the 5 judges score that punch.
    That suited Indian boxers as with head gear, there was less beating and they had this Akhil kumar style of boxing with low guard, depeding on reflexes, trying to score and defend defend in later rounds.

    New rules actually tried to make boxing more attractive to Professional Boxing fans as well as those players whose ultimate goal was to enter Professional arena as soon as possible. Boxer are rated as 10:9 or 10:8 in case you are able to knock down your opponent for counts. Preference is given to posture of boxers, whether there is intent of attack, feet movement etc. So our Indian boxers lacked stamina as they defended. But this new rules is not immune to cheating. Almost all the 50:50 fights were given in favor of boxers from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales this time. There is thin line when you give a round to 10:9 score. So this favouritism of home boxers as well as blood coming out are the reasons that they are going to change the rules again for Amateur Boxers.
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