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  • archakarchak 2081 Points
    Well i dont follow boxing closely but the new scoring system seems to be working against us.
  • BadBad 4465 Points
    Yes. its right that new point system is not favorable for our boxers but last year in the world championships we had 5 boxers in the quarter finals considering you assure a medal at a semi final stage.

    It was another matter that none of our 5 boxers made it to the semi final but it was still a good performance that 5 boxers made it to the final 8 in  different categories.

    This time around in commonwealth games our boxers weren't able to win any of the 50:50(on paper) matches at different stages of their weight category.

    Some of our boxers even lost 30:70(matches on paper) quite convincingly.

    eg) Mandeep Jangara in the final(was the favorite by quite a distance) but the other boxer rose to the occasion and had a standout against Mandeep 3 times wihich a big thing.

    Standcount is when referee considers that a punch has rattled your opponents or when an opponent falls down on the mat after taking a punch.

    4 stand counts are automatic victory for the opponents so 3 standcounts is a big thing.

    Vijender was also stand counted once.

    According to the new system the better boxer is awarded a round by a score of 10:9

    10:8 is only awarded if there is standcount or you are in complete control(something like the punch ratio is 10:1) only then 10:8 is awarded.

    Mandeep had two rounds against him of 10:8 and Vijender had one so its a big thing keeping in view we consider our boxers to be world class.

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    Standcount is a first step towards knockout if that helps my friends to understand better.

    If we consider our boxers to be world class that our boxers shouldn't be outclassed which unfortunately they were.

    1)Devendro lost to Barnes-Barnes is world class boxer so Devendro put up a decent fight result was satisfactory.

    2)Thapa lost to World no. 2 so its ok.

    3)Manoj kumar ranked 8(defending champion in this category) lost to 33 ranked boxer without winning a round on all 3 judges card.Disappointing.There was no cheating here.

    4) Mandeep -Decent till the final.In the final had 2 rounds with a score of 10:8 on all three judges card against him and one round 10:9.
    Seriously outclassed which was a shock considering he is a quarter finalist at world championships and started as an outright favourite for the final.
    Got completely owned in the final

    5) Vijender- Ranked 13 in the world .Again decent till the final.In the final was completely outclassed by his 9 ranked opponent where one round was given to his opponent by a score of 10:8 which means total domination.
    Got owned if not completely owned in the final

    6)Sumit Sangwan -Quarter finalist in world championship lost to a boxer from Newzealand.I ean for god sake  why tradition does Newzealand boxer is no where to be seen in the ranking.

    In these tournaments you only face 1 or 2 tough opponents(which means 50:50 matches) out of the 4-5 to win a gold.ITS just luck of the draw That whether you face them in the final in semi or first round.

    Winning no gold medals show that our boxers didnt win even a single fight against a decent opponent.

    Olympics,World championships where every fight is a 50:50 fight i dnt know what to say and what to expect.

    In olympics,worl

  • ashindiaashindia 6276 Points
    Sumit sanghwan list to New Zealand boxer who went on to win gold medal
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    Women's Boxing performance was very good by India. We got two medals I think. Pinky Rani and Laishram Devi fought very well and their opponents won by  split decision as in close fights (judges tend to favour Home Nations boxers-England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

    Table Tennis was disappointing in my opinion. Only one Doubles Silver medal in Men's category.
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    India finished 5th in overall medal tally with 15 Gold medals.
    In 2002 Commonwealth Games, India was 4th with 30 Gold Medals. In 2006 Commonwealth games, India was 4th with 22 Gold Medals. In 2010 Commonwealth Games, India was 2nd with 38 Gold medals.
    Taking that into consideration, this 2014 version performance by India was poor. I sincerely hope that we pick ourself up for coming Asian Games.
  • BadBad 4465 Points
    AshIndia- That is exactly what my point is,i.e if a boxer from a country like Newzeland(no tradition in boxing)can win a gold medal in boxing thaen why can't India manage to win one.

    Even Pakistan and Sri lanka  have  won a Gold medal in boxing in past(Telling you about the standards in commonwealth games)
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    Sad performance by India Hockey Team in the Finals. 0 shot at goal and 1 failed Penalty Corner. 4-0 for Australia.
    Parupalli Kashyap lighted the day with Badminton Gold Medal.
  • munna219777munna219777 20901 Points
    @Bad ; India won 3 Gold Medals in Boxing in 2010 CWG. Akhil Kumar got Gold in 2006. Mohammed ali Qamar got Gold for India in 2002. This time it was bad performance.
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