Indian Super League Season T Post-Season Thread

So season T is over! For those wondering what the heck season T is, season T, to me, stands for "Test Season" because that is what I am considering the 2014 Indian Super League season. It is a season in which IMG-Reliance, STAR Sports, and the AIFF set up with random rules with random players from around the world, drafts were tested, and many other just random things like the messed up schedule. 

The 2015 Indian Super League season will be the real Season One as that will be the season in which we see all the organizers set-up a proper competition with changes based on what they observed in the 2014 ISL season. This off-season will be crucial for the ISL as it will set-up the basis of how the ISL will run from here on out and that is what this thread is for, any news regarding the Indian Super League during the off-season should be put here. Whether it is about marquee players or coaches, other player signings, team news, stadium news... anything to do with ISL, it should come here.

So ya, Season T is over, BRING ON SEASON ONE!!!!
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