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  • deepak dedhadeepak dedha Ghar2826 Points
    A young talent from Ukhrul,Manipur !!
    Reisangmi Khodang to join Neroca FC
    Position : Mid-Fielder
    Former Club: Randajied United (Shillong)
    Academy : SAI Manipur.

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    edited July 2016
    @karenesudhakar2050 That all depends on how they organize the league once the league actually goes into a longer format. I doubt the league gets a profit for a bit as well... so... ya.

    You are yet another person who just does not want the league to succeed and has made his mind up about it already. I have seen almost your posts on the subject, it is so obvious. Same with almost everyone else on this forum who participates. There is this thing where we pretty much are rooting for the league to fail.

    Hell, even the IFN twitter feed makes their feeling known.

    Now can someone come back with a rebuttal about the players and why they would never stay in a league that goes longer than 3 months? 
  • red_devilred_devil kolkata2468 Points
    What rubbish man!! ISL with a longer duration will only help in getting better players. It  can easily help in imrpoving the revenues from sponsors as the sponsors will get more visibility over a longer duration . More revenue means , fatter pay cheques to the foreigners. I can pin point 90% of the current ISL foreigners who will stay back in India for a longer season. Plus a longer season will have lesser involvement of residing in 5 star hotels (replaced by rented apartments mentioned by some of the CEOs) which will further reduce the operating costs of a team. ... Lastly, players expect longer contracts as footballers want to secure their future. Signing a 3 month contract is too "risky" for majority of foreigners...
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Out of guys already signed, I can see Iain Hume, Nato, Doutie, Gallardo, Tiri, Dani Mallo, Antonio German, Josu, Sony Norde, Kriztian Vadocz, Gerson Vieria, Katsumi Yusa, Mailson Alves, Morais, Sasha Aneff, and Nicolas Velez staying on at least one full season contract. Even Stephen Pearson would stay for the right amount.

    Only Pitu and Matias Defederico I can see not saying and that is only a maybe for Defederico. He is the same as Pearson in which, offer the right amount, he would stay.

    Now the I-League recently has had a good history of getting guys like the two from Lebanon, the other West Asians signed by clubs like Churchill Brothers, Bengaluru FC's English players, Sony Norde, and despite his play, Rohan Ricketts, Carlos Hernandez, Borges, and we have heard of the other guys who could have come but didn't in the end.

    And I remember before these type of players came, and the I-League was literally 90% "random Africans" and people said that the type of players I said above would never come to India... they came. Are we saying that we can not go a level up? That is all we need to do.

    I will give you guys one thing, it will be hard to sign marquee players but not impossible. I doubt guys like Luis Garcia or Anelka or Mutu stay in India for a full season, they don't give a shit. Then you have guys like Elano, Tuncay, and Postiga who have said they like India and probably would not mind staying for a full season.

    It will though get tough, specially for teams like Kerala and NorthEast to sign these players, they will need to get their "marquees" from South America. Tap the Stiven Mendoza's and not the Postiga's.
    deepak dedhared_devilBrainFallINDIAmunna219777kartik91BabertoSoccerlover
  • red_devilred_devil kolkata2468 Points
    Nato, Doutie, Hume, Pearson,Tiri, Hans Mulder, Gustavo dos santos, Bruno Pelissari, Arnolin,Pulga, Pavel Cmovs, Andre moritz,Dagnall, Edel Bete, Hengbart,Valdo, Darren o dea, Nicky Shorey, Dadzie, Velez, Mailson, Frantz bertin,Zokora, tuncay,Yendrick ruiz, Uche,Jofre, Lekic to name a few who can be easily signed over a longer season....  Many doubted that ISL will be a failure and we wont see any current footballers and only retired ones. Then again we managed to get the likes of Postiga, Elano' Riise, Malouda etc
    deepak dedhaSoccerloveratuljg
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29320 Points
    English coach for NEUFC
  • sanvedjadhavsanvedjadhav 1096 Points
    Italian World cup winner Gianluca Zambrotta unveiled as the new Delhi Dynamos coach
    munna219777kartik91deepak dedha
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Ashley Westwood might reopen talks with NeUFC and bring in his friend as Marquee head coach...while he takes over role as a TD/coach
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