XXIX International Granatkin Memorial Football Tournament



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    We must bring cast system in NT like In IIT'S  :p
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    @goalkeepar dont act like you know it all ...... I can take criticism very well but only if its constrictive and not your unnecessary shitty talks.
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    Not cast system but a fair scouting system for all states and not Bhutia influenced scouting.
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    @deepak_dedha Stop reading my shitty talk. I can clearly see how much likes your comments get and how many likes my shitty talks get this proves there are some educated people in this forum who knows what I am talking.
    deepak dedha
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    Regional Academies based on players of that region and then National team based on competition of players between different Regional Academies.
    1) It will increase the pool of players
    2) All regions will be represented. Noone left behind.
    3) If we have one academy and there is no competition, then players will not improve as their is no fight for positions.
    4) Involvement of State Associations will improve.
    5) Funding for Academies (Private funding should be encouraged) - in future they should be able to sell the players they develop to clubs. AIFF should think of funding in academies instead of selling Franchise teams to film stars, cricketers.
    6) At age group, there is disparity in height, physique between different states of India. With regional academies, all get chance.
    7) Dont think of this as Reservation. Look how our Indian Military recruit for Army, Navy, ir Force in different regions. In the 1980s, we did the same thing in Sports for Special Areas programme. Find Talent beyond the infra we have in present.

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    Wasn't that the original plan when all this began back a few years ago? We couldn't fund the academies and eventually were left with 1 or 2 and then the Elite Academy. It was horrendously ran.

    Honestly the problem is massive and stems from both the federation and clubs. Every opponent we have played in 2016 and now Russia U18s have had players who were scouted, trained, and developed in their club academies. Most of these academies have proper qualified coaches with proper infrastructure and a proper league/tournaments for them to play in and improve. What do we have in India? The U18 and U16 leagues which, lets be honest, are complete farces.

    We have heard from various "insiders" here on this forum about how most teams don't even prepare proper youth teams for these competitions, many of them preparing maybe a month or two (at best) before the league, with barely any qualified coaches and in shitty infrastructure. And this is not even taking into account things such as age cheating. It is completely ridiculous how far India is in terms of youth development while teams in Asia even are sprinting ahead.

    And I am only talking about the U18 and U16 levels. What is happening below? Do we do anything for boys aged 6-9? What about the U12 level? U14? We are starting a u13 league next year and I am sure the AIFF will hail it as an achievement and that there are so many teams in it... how many of those teams are fielding proper, professionally managed u13 sides? That is the real question and one the AIFF will avoid.

    We have the ISL and I-League teams doing things but they don't mean shit. ISL do what? Grassroots festivals, sponsoring leagues, and the Reliance shit... well, that ain't going to help us at all. Actually create a youth team at the u10 level or something! It costs nothing... well, not nothing but little compared to how much you must spend on organizing a grassroots festival. FC Pune City apparently do something but i have yet to see anything and honestly it is a Pune FC Academy. Same with Bengaluru FC. DSK Shivajians, from what I see at least, seem to do the best but again, we haven't exactly seen the fruits of their work yet.

    Results like this are not surprising. They are a picture of the reality of Indian football, in that, we have no proper youth development. 
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    Headless Chicken - going in multiple directions. From Regional to One , then Reliance Group Festivals, to asking clubs to have U-13 League.
    They should have used Sports Authority of India Academies infrastructure till they get funding or land.

    SAI has collaborative venture with Indian Army

    Look for ABSC Army Boys Sports Company.

    AIFF can also do the same with SAI.

    Involve PSUs as they have land, hostels.

    PP is only thinking about Big Businessman of South Bombay-nothing unless they get involved.

    Irony of Indian Football is that
     1) Money is spent on Corporate Jet of Abhishek Bachchan in the name of Lets Football  while no money for Regional Academies
    2) Cant find land for Academies whereas lot of playgrounds in Government/Army townships have only cows grazing.

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    FC Pune City supposedly have a great facility, DSK Shivajians do as well. Same with Bengaluru FC. Whatever happened to the facility in Pailan Group in Kolkata? Nehru Park in Chennai? What will Pune FC do with their old facility? Where do the Reliance boys train?

    I am probably missing out a few but places with decent at least infrastructure do exist in India... from what I see. Also how good is the infrastructure in SAI? What has SAI done for Indian sport? We are rubbish as a sporting nation but I am willing to learn more about them.
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    BTW, off topic, without talking about IMG-Reliance involvement with Indian football... they have a partnership with India Basketball as well for I think 30 years... I watching the documentary on Satnam Singh a couple days ago and at one point they showed the headquarters of India Basketball... it was a shit hole! IMG-Reliance... they truly care.
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