I League Player Transfers Season 2012-13



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    sujoy1976;27925" said:
    mb should take morgan

    this kashyap & hungarian r jokers

    Mu gut feeling says this is exactly their last surprise, taking Morgan from EB paying 13 lakhs. Tolgay while joining MB gave this clause to them that he will only play under Morgan (mentioned by a leading Bengali daily)
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    rahulbhutani;27929" said:
    Are EB really serious about this Rooney Guy ?? Rabia and Ronney will form a deadly combo upfront but will Sean Ronney come to EB .What are the chances of this happening ?? Look bleak to me

    Sean Rooney is demanding 60 lakhs which should not be that hard to pay and if Morgan doesn't continue as coach i see no reason to take Chidi, so there is a high chance the two foreign strikers to be between Rabia, Rooney and Van Dijk (who I think is deadlier than Rooney).
  • projenatorprojenator 26 PointsAmateur Footballer
    No wonder Morgan is pissed because if there was anyone who could make that happen, it would have been Trevor James Morgan.
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    projenator;27933" said:
    No wonder Morgan is pissed because if there was anyone who could make that happen, it would have been Trevor James Morgan.

    But Projjwal, he was inclined on signing Chidi which would have been a blunder.
  • gaffertapegaffertape 10035 PointsAmateur Footballer
    TJM has been a fresh air breath to Indian and Kolkata football
    if he was given the time like Armand Colaco at Dempo he could also achieve the same success. His trophy record in the past 2 years is 2nd to none.
    Don't forget Dempo didn't win anything for the 1st few years of AC tenure.

    there are a lot of 1 season wonders in India, but when the players voted, we all know who won the coach of the year ! The players have their favorite coaches , and they are not the ones who ask for commission from their salaries !

    Some Indian coaches mistake themselves for agents , thats why we need more foreign coaches or we will have management people signing players like at MB !
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    one more transfer rumor from Bengal Rickie Lee Lambert has been linked with east Bengal and pep garduala might coach them for next season and 
    MB is linked with 

    André Villas-Boas for next year coaching yes you are rite u heard rite name AVB is linked with Bengal which have taken everyone with strom with their transfer rumors :P 

  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata3858 PointsU23 Olympian
    Even rumours have some ethics..akshay23 is blowing all that away..LOL
  • archakarchak 1865 PointsU23 Olympian
    @akshay23 you could have posted this in the chat thread and plz keep the discussion serious @everyone
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    i know and that was kinda not that funny :P
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    arsenalfan;27898" said:
    Um, hello... rumors. 

    Wasnt Subhash Roy Chowdhury signed by Mohun Bagan a week ago and now he has "supposedly" re-signed for Dempo.

     It wasnt Subhashis, it was Arindam who has been signed by MB
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