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  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    guys 24 teams now in Asia cup ! dont you see India in Top 24 teams in Asia , if not then shame on our football
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus27584 Points
    Presedent of AFC did this to benefit all the arabic nations
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    Yeah...palestine lebanon oman bahrain will get the benefit...but i dont see reason y india cant be in top 24...most of the time we r languishin in 26th-27th
  • samiamsamiam 1614 Points
    We can do it guys just need more friendlies
  • silicon3silicon3 351 Points
    edited January 2014

    @ArsenalFan700 @goalkeepar ..This new Format for AFC Asian cup will be a a true reflection of the Nation's Football status and progress, the last time India  played the ASIA cup we entered via the back door and got walloped..How long will be be patting ourselves for a Back door entry.

    For the World cup qualification preliminary rounds India will not definately not finish1st or 2nd , but we definitely can finish 3rd or a more probable 4th in that group , this will make us eligible to fight for the last 12 slots available for the AFC cup.

    We must remember the  Last WC qualification we gave the UAE a hard time, away match we were down to 10 men and lost while the return was a draw.  we were cribbing playing a knock out format against a tough Gulf country saying this is so unfair etc etc , Now that we have this longer format we are still cribbing !!!. I am actually relishing India  playing this format and maybe causing a few upsets for the Preliminary round.

    Its disheartening to see IFN fans just brush away our  teams chances like we are some Bhutanese or East Timor team, have some more faith guys. We have more than enough talent and players to come through via the last 12 teams into the Asia cup. its tough but it can be done

  • samiamsamiam 1614 Points
    wow Myanmar is 18 in asia talk about progress
    afghanistan gonna get entry strangely
  • Shah476Shah476 240 Points
    Not a bad thing to experiment. Likesof north korea turkmenistan palestine filipines and india can give malaysia vietnam indonesia yemen and hong kong good run for their money. This means 8 slots open up and good fight between teams that are there and thereabouts.

    Yes the quality will take a bit of it but it will be more inclusive.. more markets like india..filipines..malaysia thailand n indonesia if such teams qualify.

    CC could have been kept as a tournament for exposure for smaller teams like chan in africa.. but not for 1 slot for 20 odd teams.
  • mmj.mattmmj.matt 144 Points
    Totally agree with silicon3

    This news is actually good for us. We will get more exposure against good teams which will eventually lead us in the right path.... Moreover, with 24 nations in the Asia cup, I do see India playing it *

    *conditions apply

  • munna219777munna219777 27584 Points
    @silicon3 ; We were down to 9 men in that game against UAE at Al-Ain. Debbrata Roy and Subrata Pal got Red Card.
  • If Asian Cup remained 16 team tourney, this could be a disaster. But no, it's 24 teams now, then i don't really think it's a bad news. Let's simulate it.
    Let's say following 12 teams will get 12 direct tickets. 

    - Japan, South Korea, Australia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, China 

    And the next 24 teams will be divided into 6 groups and fight for remaining 12 tickets. The grouping will be pretty much like following. (South Asian teams aside)

    Group A : North Korea - Indonesia - Kyrgyzstan - ?
    Group B : Bahrain - Hong Kong - Myanmar - ?
    Group C : Oman - Malaysia - Tajikistan - ?
    Group D : Syria - Philippines - Yemen - ?
    Group E : Lebanon - Turkemenistan - Laos - ?
    Group F : Thailand - Palestine - Chinese Taipei - ?

    Now, put India any ? spot in any group. And all we have to do is to get a 2nd place in the group.
    Easy? No. Of course not. 
    But impossible? HELL NO. 
    Unless we get an extremely unlucky group of death, i'm pretty sure we will see a realistic chance. A good chance. 
    On top of that i expect this is gonna be way more fun than Challenge Cup because we will be able to face various opponents and it will be home-away format. 
    I always thought Challenge Cup was a joke because it's unfair to mid-ranked teams anyway. This new format is just how it should be. 
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