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    Yes, Ashindia, I agree to you things have started to move recently, albeit at snail’s pace (even the FIFA official complained to the same effect). Ever noted how little developmental news are found when you scan the sports pages of the newspapers, compared to kirket?

    Please also note that the OSF tie up came after so many years of starting the I-league; Gala opening ceremony is not at all required even for attracting potential investors more than running the show in an efficient manner; the Japan trip is forced by FIFA and is funded by them. The same goes for the artificial pitches across the country (the AIFF could only decide to select Port Blair as one of the venues that urgently needed the turf). Then where does it leave us as to AIFF’s initiatives? It appears that they are completely devoid of fresh ideas and initiatives, and are capable of conjuring up retrograde steps like extending stay of fan-less PSU teams.
    I think AIFF is doing a lot in last few months.We need to wait for few more months for actual picture.Next I League will start with a bang and ESPN/STAR is leading the pack for broadcasting rights.Meanwhile SCG cleared AFC criteria.Lajong FC also cleared most of the criteria except ground condition.Another AFC visit is scheduled on August.
  • Has the Dutch tie-up been announced on AIFF"s site. Not believing till it gets "official".
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    Has the Dutch tie-up been announced on AIFF"s site. Not believing till it gets "official".
    kushal das also had once commented that dutch firm has shown interest and they going present their model to aiff somewhere in sep-oct time....but still they didnt confirmed that the deal is done...we have to wait till that time
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    The Proposals were as follows -

    1. The Indian Arrows and Pailan have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding for the coming five years which was a huge initiative taken on the part of the organisation to help in the development of the young national talents.

    The Final agreement likely to be finalised in presence of the AIFF President Mr. Praful Patel in the coming 27th or 28th June which will tie both the parties up for a noble cause. Added to this, football academy will be set up in Pailan, Joka with the help of a foreign organisation which is yet to be revealed and the National camps of the Indian teams will would be held at Pailan in the near future.

    2. The debate about the number of foreigners to appear in the national and regional tournaments was also given immense importance as the AIFF sticked to their current plan of 3+1 registration of foreigners in each team of the I-league or Federation Cup but only three players will be allowed to play in the first team.

    3.In case of Local League like Goa Premier League, Kolkata Premier League, registration of 2 foreigners including 1 player of Asian Quota will be allowed but only 2 players will be allowed to feature in the first team.

    4. The I-League and National Team footballers will not play more than 40 matches in a callender year. If a player play more than 45 minutes in a local league we will not entitel to play in following I-League match.

    5. The next installment of the I League will begin somewhere between 15th to 22nd October while Pune or Kolkata will be the host of next Federation Cup in Sept.

    6. The tournaments involving the AIFF U-19 Dr. B.C.Roy Trophy and U-16 Mir Iqbal Hossain Trophy will now take place once every two year instead of previous one year gap and the traditional tournament of the U-21's by the name of M Dutta Roy Trophy has been chalked off the Indian footballing calendar.

    7 : AIFF Santosh Trophy will not be for open age tournament form next year, it would be for U-23 boys form next year.

    8.: In next 6th or 7th July Bangadesh National Football team likely to be play two matches against India team in India.
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    some really crucial,important as well as interesting i-league rules will prove good for players.....aiff taking good decisions in recent past....good going its just just start ..we want many such changes for the improvement of i-league
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    hmm...slow but steady!
    apparently, aiff had this system of limited no. of matches for a player previously too. that time limit was 45 rather than 40. as usual, the morons at the helm of mb n eb are opposed to this decision!!
  • Hmm things seems to have gotten better with kushal das at the helm of affairs.Guess his experience in the icc is helping him.But one guy cant change everything on his own.Now that bhutia is dropped(and most likely he wont be picked again..dont get me wrong hez an amazing player!)he and a few other people who are serious about changing indian football must join the aiff and then i think it will give a huge boost to indian football <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
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    One tricky question for you all
    should ex players join aiff after retirement?
  • definitely! i said not all but yes v certainly need some of them to join
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points
    One tricky question for you all
    should ex players join aiff after retirement?
    may be they should join in technical departments...if not in administration at least
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