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    From what I heard the Demba Ba deal was more related to us not meeting a 3 million pound loan fee (which is ridiculous) and/or Chelsea did not want to send a player, who they are more than content with letting stay with the club, to a rival.
    <br><br>mind games from the "Dirty one"...moment Demba deal was off Bentner deal was called off.. now Bentner is our option of a striker..<br>

    <br><div><br></div><div>Well you saw Nicklas's statement today right? He seems to have accepted that he is once again stuck here and that apparently he had talked to Wenger. I bet he will feature this season during Cup matches and some league as a sub.</div><div><br></div><div>He is not a bad player when fit. His 2008-09 season form was the best.</div>
  • So wat d opinion of everyone about ozil coming to arsenal.???
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    So wat d opinion of everyone about ozil coming to arsenal.???

    Super signing for Arsenal. But can't even imagine that some one can be fool enough to replace özil with Bale that too with twice the money.

    Best signing of the Transfer window.
  • I am pretty sure we will have s striker bid in jan transfer window..if some one like suarez comes in we can be 100%
  • ...Conculsion At d end of d article......

    So there we have it. Not just a transfer, but one of the most outrageous transfers of all time. A transfer so amazing that even those within the selling club are protesting.....


    I recommend arsenal fans to read this ...

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    <P>Great going for arsenal, 3 points in the bag + leading d Table....</P>
    <P>fantastic to see Ozil , fitting right in and contributing to the goals!!!..Giroud is starting to blossom in his second season now, he is far more confident now..did you catch Ramsey 's volley , it was sublime, very low, very  difficult to save....</P>
    <P>Mark my words If Wenger can get in Rooney or Squarez  ,salivating at the prospect of Ozil , carzola feed passes to  these guys.... Arsenal are sure shot contenders for the title if a Top notch striker comes in...</P>
    <P>However we aldready have our age old nemisis "injuries " catching up with our players...Keeping my fingers crossed on that front..</P>
  • ozil has proved in england. araon ramsey in great form.
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    Ozil already leads in assists! Nuff said.
  • & most importantly top of the table
  • Great ..........Arsenal  Leading 1-0 in d Capitol Cup....<br>
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