2013-14 Arsenal FC season



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    I just hope we do not get Suarez. That would be hell.

    </p><p> </p><p>why what is wrong with Suarez... he scores a lot of goals, he is a tried and tested player in teh Premier League, he is not afriad of taking on 3-4 defenders.. he has got pace and gile...</p><p>unfortunatley he does have discipline problems and a "me wanna bite you " streak..maybe he dives to much..but surely he is a proven striker with a lot of bad press from d shit british tabloids...</p><p>comming to higuan his is talented no doubt , but there are talents a plenty, higuan firing to PL standards is also a unknown at present..he might score  but might just end up like a gervinho..there but not still there... now that it willl be girouds and podolski second  season ..mark my words there will be far more lethal and experienced..Suarez + these 2 will create a loooot of problems for other teams... higuam + these  2 also CAN but Personlly i feel Suarez will be far more lethal..</p><p> Put aside Suarez biting habit and he is surely a great ,premier league tested , ready to use Signing..<br></p>
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    Ya, I thought about that and changed my mind. I started the follow the crowd there instead of coming up with my own opinion.<div><br></div><div>The majority of Arsenal fans (specially on blogs like Arseblog and forums like BigSoccer) don't want Suarez but to be honest, when you think about it, he would not be bad at all. He is a freaky guy but his record, as you pointed out, is amazing.</div><div><br></div><div>My only concern now is whether he can click with us. He does seem like a guy who will do well on clubs that need the 1-man leading the whole team, like Liverpool. That is not Arsenal. He is not going to have as many touches or as much time literally alone up top as at Liverpool. However, he was at Ajax before and Ajax is almost exactly like Arsenal so I think he could adapt to us.</div>
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    if he joins us then our rivalry with manu and chelsea will be intensified
  • waiting for an exceptional signing
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    Joyptan wrote: »
    waiting for an exceptional signing

    Every week we spend money in wages.

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    Are Arsenal still gonna spend big? Just looked at your squad on wiki and you have 9 forward.Think Arsenal need to sell a few of them. Still think you need a GK, Central Defender, Combative Midfielder, and i know you have a lot of strikers but that player that likes to bit people in Liverpool would fit Arsenal. Also K.Honda still out there.
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    <p>2-2 vs Napoli....we are .lucky to get the draw.. we missed a penalty...our goals r from set piecies and not frm attacking play...again shows we have a blunt edge to the point of the spear..</p><p> </p><p>however Napoli did not really look all that fantastic even after having siged 5new  players signed up..maybe they didnot really give their 100% focusand determination..</p><p>now again wenger says we have a good enough squad, it may be provided no one gets injured..but will we challenge for the Title , hard to believe?...</p><p>2 weeks for d league to start an a month for the Transfer period to end..this waitng for players to be signed is really killing me..</p><p> </p>
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    Drogba takes away Arsenal's only hope for a trophy this season, The Emirates Cup.
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    Drogba must try for a acting career in Hollywood...
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