2014 U-19 I-League



  • RonnyRonny 10467 Points
    every one runs after money..so dont even question that..If I was in Uttam's place I wud do the same..he must be so low on confidence that stupid Toal didnt even let him play for India U-19..what better way than to prove himself amongst seniors
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    @7negi is right...if uttam performs well his value will automatically increase..he shud go where he will get playing time...
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    @ronny bro 40 K offered by Pune fc ! is that bad for 17 year player ?? The club which have best youth development in India !

    If he will become good player then money will automatically comes!
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    Mike was surprised with demands of Uttam !
  • preetampreetam 870 Points

    i'm not targeting but is 17 is real age of uttam????
  • dhungel35dhungel35 444 Points
    But Colm Toal wants him back in the academy...i fail to understand the purpose of Elite Academy...the main aim of academy is to make a player ready for clubs..but if clubs already want the player what is accomplished by not releasing him...Elite academy is not playing any competitive games/tournament either...Scott O'Donald in his mail said Uttam even if he signs for any club will not be allowed to play till April 2014...He does not want to return to the academy , even then they want him back... 
  • dhungel35dhungel35 444 Points
    @ Preetam : 17years 20 days to be precise...why would i lie about his age , i wish i could could say he was 20...
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    for me Player should Run Behind his development and Success and money will follow him ! 
  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2074 Points
    edited January 2014
    Come on @7negi it's an individual's perception. If he wants better money then what's the harm? That should be his individual choice and he is going to b professional footballer, n 5 lakhs per annum is too low.
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    @sparta first thing He is 17 , He should be in academy and when he will be at right age ,will get those money !  Money is matter of time ! once you start performing well Money will run behind u !

    if u see Uttam performance from U-16 Days its dipped , dont know whats are reason ! so i think no club will give that much money on past track record !
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