2014 U-19 I-League



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    @ Preetam : 17years 20 days to be precise...why would i lie about his age , i wish i could could say he was 20...

    in india almost every player cheats on their age but it is gud to know that uttam actually is 17....even if he signs for a club he will suffer if he didn't get playing time...it is gud if he leave india...or better play in u19 i-league...instead of i-league...
  • RonnyRonny 10467 Points
    I pray to god he doesnt become like Malsawmfela
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5665 Points
    It's pain stupid to say that he is a kid so he should play for peanuts. Its like asking Justin Beiber to perform for free until he is 18. But I am a little worried about Uttam Rai's attitude. Probably he has started thinking that he is too good for an academy and wants to go pro. Also the fact that he expressed unhappiness on FB when not fielded by the coach makes me think he is not willing to work under Colm Toal. Sadly, the physique thing will haunt him everywhere he goes. He should rather wait to attain maturity and hone his skills further in the academy so that the physique becomes secondary to his skills
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    Justin Beiber is a world reknowned singer who managed to play infront of thousands of teenage girls in his teens... of course he will expect to play for more than millions... it is the other million teenage singers like him who will be told to play for less to nothing just to even get a chance.

    Uttam Rai needs to realize this, he is nothing in the world of football. No one knows him and no one gives a shit. Yes, I am being harsh but that is the truth. Hell, even people who I talk to about Dallas Cup barely remember "that Indian kid".

    The reality of the situation is this, Uttam Rai is a 17-year old with the potential to one day make Indians feel proud but he is throwing it away by a) still being in bloody India and b) asking for the money he is asking. He has allowed all this hype to get to him, the sponsorships, the cult fandom, the trials etc. and he has forgotten that he is still in the pivital stages of his youth development.

    I have seen Uttam play before, I do believe he can make in the US if he wanted to at least try to but he needs to make that choice... does he want to wait, be patient, and reap the rewards (massive ones) later or does he want to throw it all away and end up as one of those Indian footballers who could have been more than they could have been.

    His call.

    Edit: As for physic... that is why he should still be in an Academy! Have you guys seen U18 football before! Almost every player is a twig playing against other twigs. You develop your physical attributes in the academy and mix that in with developing your on-field qualities. That is how it works!
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    Yeah ...he shud take healthy diet and try to improve his physiq a bit..and its only 4 mnth now till april..he shud stay there and improve his contact and skills...no need to feel dejected..aftr all messi is 1.69m even smaller than chetri..he shud take insprtion 4m them..both player have only skills..
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    i am also worried because of attitude !
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Uttam is not 17 yrs 20 days.... don't care what anyone says it's bullshit....

    watch him not grow in height in the next 3 years

    His advisors are being very very stupid.
    If you are going to piss off the AIFF Academy ( Scott ) & U-19 National team ( Colm " dickhead" Toal)  then you might as well have stayed in the USA or signed for Kashima Reysol.

    What PUNE FC offered is exactly what a U-19 player should get 30K per month or 3.6Lakhs per year.

    Expecting 1Lakh/month or 12Laks per year is actually going to harm the player in the long run. Shame on Libero sports and whoever else is advising him.

    With this attitude , he will be just another flash in the pan youngster that we see in Indian football..... excels at youth level and fades away... all classic signs of age fudging !

  • i dont think there is age fraud here..cause he was part of AIFF academy and must have undergone MRI scan
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    @souravindia he is part of Elite academy , where players are came to become graduate ! Only U-16 team and U-13 are medically tested !
  • RonnyRonny 10467 Points
    somehow I cant agree with Gaffertape here!
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