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    In my Analysis,i have analyzed The Sports and not Individuals.I have used the names of Athletes only if,either they were the only Representatives(Like Dipa,Dattu,Avtaar)in the Sport or if They achieved something Special or played very well(Sakshi,Sindhu,Srikanth,Lalita etc).

    Abhinav Bindra has already won Gold, so Finishing 4th would not be something which would be very special for him.So i didn't Mention him seperately.
  • @Bad ; I dont know where this story has come up of Dattu getting coach only 4 months before. Dattu always had Coach ever since he joined Army in 2012. These guys train in Pune at CME campus, Khadki where artificial Lake is there for this purpose only. He may have got an extra coach under some scheme but he always had best Rowing Coaches in India for many years. Dattu also participated in Asian Games in 2014, that time also he had coach.
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    I am not optimistic bro.I am very practical.I still feel we had the strength and capability of finishing with around 8-10 medals.Even,the Sports incharge said, he expected around 10 medals(He was not wrong,nor he was over estimating).I'll tell you how:

    We won 2 medals.

    We had three 4th place finishes(Abhinav,Dipa,Sania/Bopanna).These could have been 3 medals easily, making 5 medals.

    Add to it our Top 8 finishes,which is in Theory/Technically one round away from Medal Rounds:
    1)Men's Hockey 8th
    2)Women's Archery Quarter final
    3)Jitu Rai-8th in Final
    4)Gurpeet Singh-7th
    5)Vikas Krishnan-Quarter Final

    Out of these 5,easily 2 medals could be expected.

    Now,come to the list of Proven stars/Genuine Medal Hopes who disappointed big time or were extremely Unlucky:
    1)Saina Nehwal
    2)Yogeshwar Dutt
    3)Gagan Narang
    4)Narsingh Yadav
    5)Vinesh Phogat
    6)Mirabai Chanu(Weight Lifting)

    Out of these 6,three medals could have been estimated.

    So,lets Total it out:

    1)2 medals which we actually Won.
    2)Three,4th place finishes.
    3)2  Medals out of, 5 top 8  performances.
    4)3 Medals chances out of 6 names who disappointed due to one reason or the other.

    So,The total comes out to(2+3+2+3) 10 medals, which is quite a practical assesment and prediction.

    Its not a matter of PREDICTION,The Prediction was quite Rational.Its just that our Athletes performed way way below expectations.
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    Bro,i have been Following Indian Sports for Around 10 years now.It is not like every time we get Medals from Unexpected Sources.This time surely,it was from unexpected(Sakshi) and Lesser expected(Sindhu) but it is not the case always.

    Every Country generally has a combination of expected and unexpected medalist and India is no Different.
    Eg)At 2012 Olympics:
    Sushil,Mary Kom, Saina  were proven stars already so no one was surprised when they won medals.

    Yogeshwar ,Gagan had the capability so lesser expected but no one would have been overly surprised(like,yaar iska kaisa aagaya medal)

    Only Surprise medal was Vijay Kumar.

    Eg)At 2008 Olympics:

    Abhinav was surely a medal hope as  made the final and finished 7th in 2004 Olympics.So going in 2008 Olympics,he surely went as one of best hopes(Obviously,no one can Expect Gold but surely a Medal hope)

    Vijender in 2008 was lesser fancied boxer to earn a medal.More Fancied was Akhil Kumar.
    It was like Vijender=Sindhu,Akhil=Saina.

    Vijender did well and went on to win a medal.He has slightly easier draw,Akhil also did well and reached Quarter Final.Akhil had a very tough draw but still reached Quarters which was quite an achievement at that time.

    Only,really surprise medal at that time was Sushil.
    Yogeshwar at that time was considered as a better bet than Sushil.

    Sushil was given no chance but w.r.t  Vijender  it was always said that he could do well.

    So,Realistically Medals Tally of Nations is a combination of expected and unexpected Medalist,specially if the Medals are spread across Different Sports and not just one Sport.
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    I am not saying Saina wasnt injured.My Question is,why didn't she show her injured picture before the Match and why after she lost.The answer is simple:
    1)Because she felt she was alright to play
    2)She lost to a lowly ranked player.
    3)She wanted to take the sympathy and not bear the brunt.

    If she lost,then accept it and give credit to the opponent or admit that she didn't play well.Why play the injury card after the loss?She should have known that she is not playing a team Sport where your Team Mates can carry you even if you are not a 100%.Moreover,She was injured before the match so she knew what her condition was.It was not as if she got injured during the match where you don't know the extent of the injury.

    If she is representing the Country and taking the court then she shouldn't be giving these excuses.

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    Coach means specialist coach/Foreign Coach.
  • It will create a wrong impression that he had no Coach. He was under tutelage of Dronacharya Award winner Ismail Beig for many years. Other pupils of Beig Sir such as Bajrang Thakkar, Swarn Singh have won medals at Asian Games before.
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    i was reading a book "Business and Beautiful game"... which gave me possibly one major reason for india's lack of success in sports

    The country(book eg: US) with cultural attitude in which showing off their achievement is considered acceptable achieves fantastically in sports circuit compared to the country(book eg: UK) which doesnt celebrate them much 

    We indians doesnt have the basic mentality to show off the achievement as it is considered rude in our soceity which doesnt give motivation for us to achieve more...

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