India in Rio Olympics 2016

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I am going to open the thread on India in the Rio Olympics 2016
we have 
1 spot secured in shooting
and our mens hockey team qualified for 2016 olympics.


  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10454 Points
    Aall asian games gold medalist qualify for olympics right????
  • usaindiausaindia 1671 Points
    there are separate qualifications
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    No No.All don't qualify for Olympics.Every Event has different competitions which act as qualifications for Olympics.

    So far:-
    1) Jitu Rai has qualified In 50m Pistol Event.His pet event is 10m Pistol for which he has not yet qualified but there will be many more tournaments.
    2)Indian Men's Hockey Team.
    So that make 17 Athletes as of now.

    So far our close shaves w.r.t qualification have been:-

    1)Gagan Narang(He finished 6th in 50m Rifle 3 positions where the event had 5 Qualification Quotas)
    2)Ayonika Paul(She finished 8th in 10mAir Rifle where the event had 6 Qualification Quotas)

    We shall see,if we can cross the :-
    1)100 mark in terms of Athlete qualification
    2)Can we get double digit medals(Double digit medal winning country is a sporting country IMO)
    3)Can we get More than 1 Gold medal this time.(India's best ever performance?)
    Can we produce 2-3 Gold medal Winners this time?

  • BadBad 5141 Points
    Regarding the Gold Medals Our Wretlers(Sushil,Yogesh and Amit Look the best bet) along withe Shooters(With Shooting now-a-days)anyone in the finalcn win so there can't be any favorites for any event.
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    To help this thread move towards any worthwhile discussion, we need to list qualification criteria for each of the sports. How a wrestler or a Boxer or Shooter qualifies for Olympics? Whether any spots are thru some World Championship or perfromance in Asian Games?
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    here is a forum that i follow,they follow all indian sports
    even  minor events

    they hosted lots of indian tennis players for accomodation in us when they didnt become famous
  • BadBad 5141 Points
    I like your idea(Munna) regarding mentioning of qualification criteria w.r.t Sports but the thing is that every sport has many multi tournaments which act as Qualification platform.Now,Either we should mention each and every tournament w.r.t to  a Sports In which India has good Medal winning chance and then track them over a period of time because just providing a link w.r.t qualification tournament won't solve any purpose.It will have to be hand written and discussions should be done on the same.As far as i see the following sports will provide India's best medal chances:
    5)Lawn Tennis
    6)Archery (Maybe)
    So how should we approach them?

  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
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    @Bad ; This thread can be very useful. yeah it is hard work but we will have to pick sports one by one. Like Archery is there in Olympics 2016. We will need to find out whether events such as Compound Archery are there or not in 2016 Olympics.
    same way, we need to discuss what qualifying tournaments are there for Boxers, Wrestlers and over the period of time track Indian athletes performance.
    Best approach will be to first

    1) list qualification criteria of all the sports.

    2) Then we can track best Indian players in each of those events.

    3) Next stage will be to track their performance to achieve qualification mark.
  • BadBad 5141 Points
    Seems Good.Tomorrow I post about the Wrestling Details(Qualification Tournaments).After that will it be possible for you( to list the Boxing tournaments?
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    Yes we all will chip in. This is gonna be a heavy thread and will go on till 2016.
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