Federation Cup 2014-15



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    That would be weird for TEN Action... "Hey guys, you see that ISL over at STAR Sports with the world-class production? Well guess what? We have Indian football to! Presenting, the Federation Cup! Featuring some of the best names around in the I-League like Leo Bertos and Josh Walker and none other than Pierre Boya! Come on! Don't miss the Federation Cup! Our camera crew has advanced in there technology since the last edition. Instead of using cameras from old 2005 blackberrys we will be using the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3! So come on India... LETS FOOTBALL!"
  • coolgagancoolgagan 1109 Points
    HAHA. Ten Action trolled.
  • munna219777munna219777 27758 Points
    Ten Action should first improve their website. It is so messed up that many times their schedule page do not open at all. They make Calcutta clubs play at Kalyani Stadium in afternoon heat and then show French League in night time.
  • samiamsamiam 1614 Points
    If I league and federation is marketed properly it will do wonders trust me the hype matters
  • coolgagancoolgagan 1109 Points
    edited December 2014
    Hype only matters for initial days. Like take the example of ISL, we can see the TV viewers reducing. But, still its is greater than I-League. Maybe 15-20 times more than that. But, attachment b/w the fans and the clubs has to be there .Now with 3 clubs from Goa can we expect the same support. Can we see 18K people supporting goan teams in every match in I-League?? I don't see that happening anytime soon.
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    That won't happen more due to the fact that the I-League clubs are not really based in Margao. Dempo are Panji clubs so their fans come from there.

    Source: @Ashlesh.
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter9843 Points
    @samiam I don't think Goans will come in big numbers to support clubs named Dempo and slgoacar

  • munna219777munna219777 27758 Points
    @coolgagan Shillong (SLFC +RWFC) and Calcutta clubs (MB + EB) in I-League will match attendance figures of North east United and Athletico de Kolkata.
    It will be interesting to see how many fans Bangalore FC is able to get this season. Their half broken stadium cant get more then 8000. If they play in Sree Kanthareeva Stadium, can they get close to 20000 fans-that will be great.
    Expect 5000 for Mumbai FC if they play in Cooperage Ground. Similar figure for Goa clubs at Duler and Vasco.
    Pune attendance will be less.
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    @munna219777 Sree Kanteerava capacity may be big...but heard BFC will limit the attendance to 15K so they can attempt to sell out.
    similar to what ISL teams did. ..cordon off the seats tgat are far away / too high & create a better atmosphere.
  • coolgagancoolgagan 1109 Points
    SLFC+RWFC combined can match the average attendance of the North East united(Nearly 30K) easily. 
    MB+EB?? I'm not sure about that. Apart from Derby match I dont see people coming to support them in numbers of excess of 20K per team.
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