Indian Super League Season T Post-Season Thread

So season T is over! For those wondering what the heck season T is, season T, to me, stands for "Test Season" because that is what I am considering the 2014 Indian Super League season. It is a season in which IMG-Reliance, STAR Sports, and the AIFF set up with random rules with random players from around the world, drafts were tested, and many other just random things like the messed up schedule. 

The 2015 Indian Super League season will be the real Season One as that will be the season in which we see all the organizers set-up a proper competition with changes based on what they observed in the 2014 ISL season. This off-season will be crucial for the ISL as it will set-up the basis of how the ISL will run from here on out and that is what this thread is for, any news regarding the Indian Super League during the off-season should be put here. Whether it is about marquee players or coaches, other player signings, team news, stadium news... anything to do with ISL, it should come here.

So ya, Season T is over, BRING ON SEASON ONE!!!!
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    So first development of the off-season in terms of players seems to be the rumored pre-contract signing of Giampaolo Pazzini from AC Milan by Mumbai City FC. Pazzini would come in as a non-marquee player apparently which to me is stupid. He is a 30-year old striker (31 for the next ISL season) who has a great scoring record in Italy and with the Italian national team. His wages will be massive in a 3-4 month league!

    Marquees should be based on what your salary is, not some stupid criteria!
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    Any ISL Foreigner player staying in India for I-League? I mean those who were originally non I-Leaguers-not usual Amiri, Tolgay, Penn.
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    I really hope your joking Ashlesh... no trolling please.
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    All hopes on the next season to chuck out the mistakes made in "Test Season". Lets hope for bigger and better marquees( recently active), good foreign players, much better organization, better scheduling, better turfs and stadiums, and better match day environment.

    Would anyone like to discuss on what marquees we can have for the next season? I mean, I'm already ready with a list of players that we can get. And we need to get marquees of this generation. Pires, Ljunberg are great marquees in their own aspect but we need to get more current people. Like those who were good post 2007-2008 and are something close to 33-35 which is the average age we expect. 
    Klose, Drogba, Totti?? :D
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    Totti Drogba wont cme they will retire in EUROPE
    dont know about Klose and his contract with Lazio
    but i want Thiery Henry to come out of reirement and play in ISL though i hate Arsenal i like him

    if we are looking for younger marquee we must not expect big names
    eg.Elano like marquee wont be big names but will have big impacts and will be superb and would cost less than 1million USD clubs can opt for such than spending huge on 40 Year old players like Del Piero
  • @arsenalfan700  Was their any source for the Pazzini rumor??  I just saw it on a facebook page only
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    I just saw it on the facebook page also, no sources. Every paper I see is reporting that some small Premier League clubs were looking at him like Burnley but nothing on ISL. Usually I would not post something like that from facebook without a source but when I read about the fact that he was not considered a marquee due to criteria I had to post it. Good discussion point.
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    @coolgagan For sure bro but lets make sure it does not get to the point of stupidity like "Messi as a marquee" or something.
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    Obviously. You won't get this type of stupidity. Im sure others will agree
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