2015-16 I-League Round 18: Survival Time!!!



  • usaindiausaindia 1671 Points
    it looks like people are obsessed with finding a reason to fault BFC win,any team would do the same ,they do it nba ,nfl etc
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Hell, just look at Manchester City last February in the FA Cup against Chelsea.
  • deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 Points
    Today if Mumbai looses & gets relegated it will solve a lot of issues for Aiff & we may not see a football team from city in a long time....going to be at cooperage to cheer us on....
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points
    I don't believe honestly that Mumbai FC would get relegated......Khalid Jamil though not as intelligent / successful as the only remaining Foriegn Coach (leaving aside the recent addition) in I-League, would definitely play with Common Sense & use his resources well enough to avoid relegation. Personally I want Mumbai FC to stay. They are always an interesting outfit. All the best Mumbai FC & Khalid Jamil. 
    Deb_Bandeepakcmunna219777deepak dedha
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9970 Points
    And also I like the way Mumbai FC give headaches to AIFF for match venues, which is embarrassing to them and fun to us.
  • deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 Points
    That was a long time ago..Cooperage is adequate now but if the team gets serious then we may need to inc capacity at cooperage ( which is always difficult in snooty south Mumbai, just look at the time and opposition just to get cooperage like it is now) / move to a bigger venue in suburbs (eg Andheri stadium)
  • deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 Points
    Ideally I would like a greenfield venue near the MIC cricket ground in Bandra where there is space also....but then it was easier for cricket
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6517 Points
    @ AKB...

    U still don't understand about the media... they might have interpreted to get attention...

    have u listened to his interview... I don't think so...

  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points
    Don't require a certification from anybody to change my opinion about AW.
    Let you understand about the media & be happy.
    It is amazing to learn that one has to hear it himself to confirm the authenticity of the issue. Lovely.....period.
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