India at Tokyo 2020: A Roadmap



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    We can and should lay the foundation of a world-class system (re. my first post) in shooting, wrestling, weight-lifting & swimming, but it takes a long time and unwavering effort for the system to bear fruit. So, yes, that should be a long-term goal.
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    Ronny said:
    Darko said:
    England is such a wily and cunning country. Just look at their Golds. Majority come from niche events - Rowing/Sailing, Diving, Equestrian, Cycling, BMX (???). We should follow their track & try to steal from them.

    Gymnastics is also a category where there are lots of events and also a hunting ground of < 5 Gold countries. Israel stole a Jew from Ukraine and opened their Gold in this category.
    You're missing the point completely. Some of these countries are not promoting these sports just to win an Olympic medal. They are doing it because culturally, historically and in terms of infrastructure it is part of their lifestyle. 
    Coming to Iran, they are physically big just like Europeans so naturally they are doing well in individual sports. If they try really hard even their football team can win a medal

    Hohoho! Diminutive China has already stole their thunder in weight-lifting. Talk about this hogwash of being "physically big" as some kind of eternal advantage. Beside, Iranians are as "physically big" as Punjabis. An Afghani or a Kazakhi or a Jaat would beat the shit out of an Irani any given day.

    And they play pathetic football. Just because we are inept does not make them good. Diminutive S-Koreans & Japs play a much better & entertaining brand of football than your "physically big" Iranis.

    I'll compile a historical list of England's participation in different events in Olympics over the years to check out the correlation with your point if I find some time. Let's see. But why would shooting & swimming not be a part of their culture???? Aussies, who along with US drain all the medals in swimming, are after all English convicts. And is shooting a part of Chinese culture, or even Indian culture???

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    Darko said:
    Nagendra said:

    Not sure what makes you to think Discus Throw, Hammer Throw , Shot Put, Jumps (High jump, Long jump & Triple Jump) and Javelin Throw are easy to get Olympic medals if we set focus & effort.
    Because these are bio-mechanical events. Once you crack the science, all you need to do is find out the right phsyiology and train it day in and out. Not much mental pressure. And for cracking the science, there are already experts, like Chopra's current coach, who have researched and figured out the code.
    Not much mental pressure in these events ?? I feel in these events, along with technique, you need to have lot of focus as you will get only 3 chances to qualify to next round. Most of them couldn't able to handle pressure. That is the sole reason, we see lot of difference in World Record & Olympic Record in these events. Let me give you 2 Tokyo Olympic events as an example
    Men's Javelin Throw:
    Johannes Vetter (Former World Champion) : From past 1 year, consistently thrown 90m , unable to handle pressure & failed to make final 8
    Keshorn Walcott (Former Olympic Champion & Rio Bronze medalist) : From past 1 year, consistently thrown near to 90m , failed to make final 12. I could see he is nervous in all of his throws.
    Oliver Helander (had a personal best close to 90m) and is in form, but failed to make any impact in Qualification.
    Anderson Peters (Current World Champion) : couldn't able to qualify to final 12
    Jakub Vadlejch (Current Olympic Silver medalist , also won silver medal in World Championship). He had a personal best of 89.73. Though his silver medal confirmed prior to his last throw, he felt lot of nervous and I could see he is shivering.
    I'm not counting Julius Yego (Rio Silver medalist & Former World Champion) & Cheng Chao tsun (Asian Record holder : 91.36 m & current Asian champion) as they are not in form.

    Women's Discuss Throw:
    Rio Olympic silver & bronze medalist unable to qualify to final 12. On top of it, Rio bronze medalist (Denia Caballero) has won silver medal in last World championship and is in fine form. But unable to throw even 1 perfect throw in qualification.
    Sandra Perkovic (Rio & London Gold medalist) failed to win medal after feeling lot of pressure and she has personal best of more than 72m.
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    I was watching walk the talk on NDTV yesterday as they were re airing it.

    Do watch it to know how Neeraj Chopra has inspired a new generation of javilin throwers in India in 2018 only. 
     Indian Javelin record was around 80-82 for so many years but with Neeraj breaking the ceiling,now at that year there were about 5 Indian Javelin throwers who were throwing 80+ . 
    Till this event no one in India would have thought athletics as an career,but yesterday every Indian realised that this can be done and there is no physical barrier as such. Once, the casual throwers increase at school level you will find more champions. 

    Then, his coach was the best at this event. Only guy who threw 100m+ ever and then the Javelin got changed.

    I knew a guy who used to throw 74m+ in his inter school CBSE meets but dropped out due to colleges and all. People thought athletics as a mean to get govt jobs but once they think that this can be a career option they will join and even if quite less people pick it up with our population it will be huge.

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    Aditi Ashok didn't win a medal in Golf but she made people learn the basic rules and now even the higher middle class people from Metros will throng to the Golf courses to get their kids enrolled for Golf classes.
     I guess by 2028-2032 we will start seeing better performances by Indian Golfers at the world stage.
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    @ sparta
    True. We have lot of young talent . Performances like this will generate interest among youth & parents.  But state & central associations along with IOC need to identify & fine tune them.

    One of village mate (Andhra) used to throw Javelin 75m+ in his +1/+2 and won Gold in some University level events in Srilanka. Seems like now he left Athletics & pursuing some engineering course.
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    We win less medals because our system is like that. If Government made schools to have grounds/basic sports facilities and qualified coaches mandatory then we may we able to identify talents in almost all the fields at an early age. 
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    Major Sporting Events in 2022

    Winter olympics 4 Feb to 20 Feb    (Beijing)

    Commonwealth games 28 July to 8 August   (Birmingham)

    Asian games 10 September to 25 September  (Hangzhou)

    World cup Football 21 November to 18 December  (Qatar)
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    Guys, can someone do a brief sum up of our performance at Tokyo Olympics, so that we can buildup towards Asian Games 2022, which I think, is the first competition that acts as a qualification tournament for Hockey team(s) for Olympics, that means, if we win Gold in Asian Games in Hockey in 2022, then our Hockey team(s) will directly qualify for Paris Olympics 2024.

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    Ashindia, spot on. Need of the hour is qualified coaches. What we r doing is putting everything in top of the pyramid. That will yield results sporadically like we r doing. Base of pyramid is very weak in Indian system
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