FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 & AFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualification



  • so its BD, Oman, India, Afg and Qatar
  • ashindiaashindia 9272 Points
    Qatar, Oman, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh 
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    Not good. Qatar and Oman are tough teams.

    Tim Cahill is crazy. Drawing Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam in one group - it will be group of death. El Classico Malaysia vs Indonesia Fans will become crazy.

    Maldives vs Guam will be a travel nightmare.

    Group A is very easy.

  • samsam 16471 Points
    Group A is the easiest I think, but our group is also not bad.
    Afg and Ban - beatable home and away
    Oman - narrow win/draw home and away loss
    Qatar - Both loss

    But since only 4 best second teams will qualify we don't have much chances to qualify. Definitely Oman will be ahead of us in the group table. Even if not, we will not be among best placed 4 second teams due to tougher opponents. At the same time we will get a lot of away support in Gulf. In Ban also blue pilgrims will travel for sure
  • samsam 16471 Points
    AFC Asian Cup/ World Cup Fixtures for India:

    Sept 5, 2019: vs OMA (Home)

    Sept 10, 2019: vs QAT (Away)

    Oct 15, 2019: vs BAN (Home)

    Nov 14, 2019: vs AFG (Away)

    Nov 19, 2019: vs OMA (Away)

    Mar 26, 2020: vs QAT (Home)

    Jun 4, 2020: vs BAN (Away)

    Jun 9, 2020: vs AFG (Home)
  • samsam 16471 Points
    Probable home venues for India?
    Ahmedabad, Mumbai, B'lore?
    Will they think about Kol?
    Should we select it based on where the opponent find it difficult to play? 
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    Sadly the most important game is first up. Home Game against Oman. I would have prefered it to be the last. Our team is still not settled. This is supposed to be a must win game for india.

    SC has also twice faltered in WC campaign and lost to Oman at Home.
  • B'lore has issues right? I think we should keep Mumbai only ..its lucky ground for us plus its compact field size doesnt allow many teams to play freely
  • ChelseafanChelseafan Allahabad1655 Points
    What happens if Qatar tops the group or is one of 4 best second placed teams? Since it is host of WC and a guaranteed place in it, will it still eat one of the slots from our group?
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