Indian Super League 2020-21: New Expectations, New Challenges



  • G_KG_K Kerala5182 Points
    That was most probably the last match of Amrinder for MCFC. He is rejecting an opportunity to play in AFC Champions League.

    It will be interesting if he takes a U-turn now.
  • dev_pfcdev_pfc Pune1937 Points
    even in terms of stats, Arshdeep had more saves than him in just 16 matches, and GSS and Albino have just 1 less save than him despite playing 4/3 games less.
  • souravindiasouravindia 3622 Points
    Dhritiman is right. I also saw all the matches and he seemed to be nervous. His positioning is not good at all to be frank. I have not seen him catching the ball during opponent set pieces as well which puts his side in danger very often. His clearances are lacking. Considering Habas created the team to play long balls , his distribution is well below par. He is also not a good sweeper keeper. He has made some good saves, is tall and has good reach which goes as his plus points. But overall he is limited.
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  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India29748 Points
    He's back with the team!

    The  moment we all have been waiting for, आपला Amey poses with the #HeroISL League Winners Shield & the Hero ISL Trophy!

  • RonnyRonny 10472 Points
    Thanks guys. That is some very interesting analysis of Arindam!
  • dhritiman7dhritiman7 4030 Points
    We Indians expect long ball from Brits and tikitaka from Spanish. Two Spanish coaches played long balls and Fowler stressed on passing game. Seleucas !
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India29748 Points
    Thanks for the explanation, @dhritiman7!

    I am still not convinced that Subhashish should be picked in the NT because he has been very inconsistent this season--made some great saves but also made elemental errors.
  • ashindiaashindia 9265 Points
    Subashish is 40 above I Would anyday choose Arindam over him.
  • dhritiman7dhritiman7 4030 Points
    Subhasish does even not kick the ball well at all. He has lot of negativity too not getting into detail. Another example of occasional brilliance. He played well against Bayern and did not concede a goal and in 1st ISL he was good in first few games.  He was selected may be because of a third keeper who can lead the training along with GK coach. Arindam will not do that as he is little temperamental. Sandip Nandy played this role to Subrata, Kamaljit, Arindam during twilight of his career when he was 40. 
    However, his story is fascinating. He once used to cut chicken in Teghoria market. He used to practice in night beside airport wall where flood lights were available. I once met him in CC2. He was chilling with his daughter / son (too young to get a clue). A real humble person. If you speak with him you will like him. 
     He was picked up by TFA (may be of same batch with either Subrata or Arindam, Subrata is one year senior to Arindam in TFA but both from Uttarpara where they trained under Debasish Mukherjee who did not concede a single goal in a CFL with EB. Eventually he became father in law of Subrata). Or may be he was with Tulunga and Asim Biswas. Dont remember exactly. 
    I can keep on going. My bad :smile:
    However, my bet for long term is Abhilas Paul and Neeraj Kumar. Maybe an improved Nawaj and Dheeraj. 

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