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    Kotal   Jhingan   Sana   Mishra
                 Apuia   Borges
    Liston        Thapa          Bipin

    Bipin is in good form and can help Mishra out defensively too. Normally, I'd say Chhangte over Bipin and Chhetri over Liston. Amrinder has been best Indian keeper this ISL IMO. Liston is picked because he is an effective ball carrier to relieve pressure. Unlike Bipin or Chhangte, Liston can run with the ball while the others are good running towards the ball from long balls. May not be so successful to start with, but given time, could be a decent team.

    Pandita, Chhangte, Raynier all brings energy from bench later on.
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    Bipin will be a sub because of his lack of international experience. That's why Changte/Hali or Ashique may start
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  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P5710 Points
    I don't think Liston has fitness to play 90 minutes. Against UAE/Oman, he needs to help the team defensively.
    In absence of Chhetri , Ashique would be perfect fit.

    Along with Liston , Pandita & Chhangte, we would need Hali & Suresh on substitute bench.
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    I would like to see them play in 4-2-3-1  formation.

    Lone forward Manvir to latch onto Long Ball or opposition mistake.

    In modern Football, 4-2-3-1  gives you lot of flexibility.

    As the teams we are playing UAE and Oman are stronger then us, this formation give a good option of forming Defensive blocks , test and train our young players in defensive capabilities by using 6 substitutions (allowed in Int. Friendlies).  Throw up Ishan upfront as substitute in last 7-8 minutes.

    0-0 or 1-1 will be a good result.
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C2808 Points
    I understand why everybody wants Changte/Hali. For me even Hali is fine. Though Changte is more complete player and more physical, he has been missing sitters throughout the season. Hali and Bipin have been finishing more chances. In International level when chances are few sometimes, that all it takes. For me now though I like others, I feel Bipin deserves a starting place. His confidence also will be way higher than the other two. Things we might not be considering in this group.
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    The objective behind playing friendly matches is to try out new players and strategies. If we keep playing with tried players and long ball, defensive tactics just because we don't want to lose against UAE/Oman, than that defeats the entire purpose of playing these friendlies! 
    AIFF organised friendlies against these 2 teams so we get stronger opponents to play with. But we should not obsess over how we should play against west asian teams. Just treat them like any other strong opponent and lets give chance to new players like Bipin, Yasir, Akash, Ishan etc so that they get a taste of international football and what it takes to succeed at that level! And for God's sake, STOP playing long ball stuff. Lets use these friendlies to test our possession based game. 
  • STOP playing long ball stuff

    there is interview with igor stimac with anant tyagi video, in that he says he is not a fan of habas tactics and criticized him. So igor will definitely not pursue long ball tactics here.
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    Habas gets results, Igor can't even get that, playing boring is not important winning matches is important.
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