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    That way even Constantine was getting results for team India. But Stimac was brought in to change our style of play and take us a notch higher. So it'll be foolish if Stimac continues with the old hoofing tactics. Phir toh Constantine hi accha tha! 
  • Habas gets results, Igor can't even get that, playing boring is not important winning matches is important.

    as a NT and KBFC fan, i could have agreed, but from a neutral fan perspective, i want to see good football. That's why many neutral fans were supporting Mumbai city, NE , Goa to win the ISL instead of ATKMB
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    Stimac's style of play hasn't been long balls so far. In most games specially the qualifiers against Oman, the team showed great passing play
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    Habas gets result because he has fat purse backing him to buy Krishna and David Williams, put him in NT spot and he will fail miserably.
    dhritiman7Deb_Banindian_goonerashindiaThe real AGkartik91
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    Getting result with five foreign players is altogether a different thing. Cant comparable. 
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    The India coach also answered his critics who questioned him for not paying attention to the I-League. Stimac mentioned that Venkatesh, who is a part of his coaching staff, is in charge of the Indian Arrows side and is watching the I-League from close quarters.

    He also opined that the I-League currently functions as a feeder to the Indian Super League (ISL) but he also mentioned that the doors of the national team for I-League performers aren't shut.

    "Some people were worried that I didn't follow I-League this year but I have Venkatesh there and he is involved in every single game so I have great numbers, statistics from the I-League. That is the way we follow. ISL is the professional part of Indian football, it is very well organised and from this part, the players are coming to the national team.

    "From I-League, because it has a lower quality of football, I consider I-League for now as a filter for the ISL. It is a platform where young Indian players develop, grow and gets recognised by ISL clubs and signed by them. Which doesn't mean that some of the I-League players can't get on the national team list," said the India coach.

    When Stimac says that the I-league has a lower quality of football, I can't agree with him. He has himself said that he has not followed the I-league this year (not sure what info Venkatesh has provided him), otherwise he could make out that the quality of some of the I-League games was better than that of the ISL.

    Some might say that his comment that "which doesn't mean that some of the I-League players can't get on the national team list," means that he hasn't shut the door for I-League players but I find it a far cry from his initial statement that 'the players [in the I-League] need to know that each player in the league with an Indian passport is one of the possible future candidates for the national team.'

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    Why is croatia successful in International Football ?

    Some of their National team players started their career in Serie A and Bundesliga
    Playing in Serie A taught them how to shut out teams purely on the basis of intricate midfield triangles, while Bundesliga have provided lessons on quick transitions and countering high press. Their extensive tutelage under different managers in two of Europe’s tactically astute leagues has allowed Croatia to operate with a sublime level of precision and prowess .

    Style of Play

    Under Cacic, the Croatian team has played with both a 4-2-3-1 formation and a 4-1-4-1 formation. The two are similar in that they both have one center forward, three central midfielders, and two wide players. Both formations rely on having a midfield triangle, which can keep possession by passing among itself. When attacking, up to seven players can comfortably press up the pitch. The fullbacks can support the wide midfielders by pushing up, leaving one defensive midfielder and the two center backs to remain on defense. However, the wide players have to be cognizant of the threat of a counterattack, which can happen if they press too high. In addition, it is important that the wide midfielders support their fullbacks on defense.

    The 4-2-3-1 tends to play with a central attacking midfielder. The two deeper midfielders can both be holding midfielders, or they can more complementary, with one being a deep-lying playmaker. To maintain a midfield triangle, a holding midfielder can push forward into a more advanced role. The CAM often wears the number 10 shirt, and is the creative attacker of the team. He is responsible for making passes and through balls in order to supply the striker with opportunities. Good dribbling and vision are also key in the role, and the ability to take shots from long range is useful as well.


    The 4-1-4-1 looks similar to the 4-3-3 formation, except that the wide players sit deeper. This formation is versatile and flexible, because it can quickly swap into a 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, or even a 4-4-2. Moreover, there is a lot of flexibility in the types of midfielders that can be used. While a defensive holding midfielder is necessary in virtually every formation, the two more advanced central midfielders can range from box-to-box midfielders to more attacking-minded number 10s. Moreover, with just one substitution, the team can switch formations; taking off one of the central midfielders in exchange for a CAM can change the formation to a 4-2-3-1, and pushing the wingers further up and putting on a passing-minded midfielder can create a 4-3-3.


    Stimac has a very Old-School Croatian thought process. A bit outdated in Croatia as their footballers learn more physicality and new approaches every season after playing in European clubs, Stimac will definitely try to implement his Midfield triangle technique with Indian players.

  • otherwise he could make out that the quality of some of the I-League games was better than that of the ISL.
    I think the broadcasting quality/kick off time plays a major role here. There is a sheer difference between ISL and I league. I have mentioned this before when BFC joined ISL.
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    In telecast quality not in football quality
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    edited March 2021
    Oman will face Jordan today.


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