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    @dhritiman7 Absolutely bang on... I have seen so many talented kids in inter School football games...somehow once they reach 10th Standard, Football is out and studies take over...That's how Indian families are; Focus on studies and make it Big in life... Very good Footballer life span in India is till max they are 32 or 33 years old ...what after that Coaching or Commentary?
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus28385 Points
    Do anything india will never improve specially with flawed genetics, there is no hope for india unless we get half blood PIOs and Naturalized foreigners.
    deepak dedhaashindiaSanjeev Biswasdev_pfcgaffertapemunna219777giridharan
  • Now they say that 2 naturalised UAE footballers made the difference.

    As if India was dominating the 9 UAE born players on the pitch and somehow those 2 foreign born sneaked past 6 goals

    this should not be any more excuse. if we ever want to play in WC, wee need to play against all kind of genetic people.

    munna219777RonnyashindiaThe real AG
  • Those babies will soon start preparing for JEE, IIT, MBBS, law entrance etc. Dont worry. 
    reality. makes me cringe.
  • KoolKool USA152 Points
    @Ronny - Agree with you 100%. What people needs to understand is - the current set of indian players/team is not a finished product yet. We are still in the very beginning of the transformation from being outside of 100 and moving up. It takes years to develop the base infrastructure, coaches, referees and support staff at all levels from baby leagues - to age group at state level through the national teams. We have just started the process. We need to give more time for the system to settle in and start producing quality players at all levels. If we want to jump from 100 to 75 in a year - that is not how things work in real life. You move up step by step after initial couple of years of up an down performance. People should keep emotions out and see things at a broader perspective.
  • KoolKool USA152 Points
    @mohammed_87hassan -- appreciate your observation. See coaching a national team,  especially team like INDIA is not easy. I know people of frustrated with Stimac - please note Stimac is not going to be your coach for ever. He is playing the coaching role now - his job is to make improvements in over all performance. Yes i do agree the defeat hurts but the difference between our team and stronger teams is like kinder gardeners playing against middle schoolers. So over a period of time, multiple coaches will be engaged to improve various aspects of the football ecosystem. In my opinion - things are moving steadily in the right direction. Will start seeing results in couple of years not immediately which is a reasonable expectation. Imagine how long it took us to win the ICC world cup after 1983. So it does take years. 
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C2899 Points
    Gkfc coach 

    I came here to improve, I like to believe I can do better than the national team coach 🤣
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