International Friendlies INDIA vs BAHRAIN 23/03/22 & INDIA vs BELARUS 26/03/22



  • souravindiasouravindia 3277 Points
    The pace of the game was so slow. Even pressing was of low intense. It somehow looked like the players were extremely tired and somehow managed to stay on the field or star sports show ISL in 1.5x speed.
    munna219777giridharanashindiaThe real AG
  • RonnyRonny 9796 Points
    Liston got exposed..none of his stepovers and skills worked against the Bahraini defense
  • RonnyRonny 9796 Points
    Btw most fans are expecting too much from this Indian team to have won against Bahrain in their first friendly.same Indian team had struggled against Srilanka and Bangladesh not too long ago. This is a pretty good Bahrain team..they beat Uganda and Congo in friendlies a month back and drew with Iraq in December
  • souravindiasouravindia 3277 Points
    Ronny, fact is Bahrain never over exerted themselves. If you look at their game most of the time they were slowing down their game, the 2 times they started showing intensity, at beginning and after conceding, they ended up scoring. In other words, they controlled the entire game even without exerting themselves
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10189 Points
    Bahrain were much better they were just botteling a lot of chances where they should have scored. 

    Also was very un-impressed by our attackers. Rahim, Suhair, Liston and Manvir were all very poor while Jhingan his usual was letting away Bahrain easily and then goes for occasional bollywood tackle 
  • dev_pfcdev_pfc Pune1874 Points
    edited March 2022
    This was not a bad result, but team coordination was pathetic. Entire backline needs to go. Bheke was best amongst this backline yesterday, but not really close to what was needed. Sandesh's NT days seem to be over. he looks like he is past his prime. his football brain has also peaked and now already descending, he was stretching his legs in the box at around 44 mins yesterday, which speaks volumes about his fitness. Not going to say anything about Kotal and Bose because they are by far the worst fullbacks currently in NT setup.

    Suhair, Danish showed that they wanted make most of this opportunity, Pronoy did better than expected for a change.  honestly I would pick Suhair anyday over Manveer just on basis of his sheer willingness.

    Liston seems pretty much contained by their defence, was mostly invisible, but even then he was better than Manvir. 

    Roshan was brilliant in my opinion yesterday, show lot of attitude, he was pressing hard on their defence right from the moment he entered the field, wasn't deterred by the fact that he was making his debut. He has the potential to become a brilliant modern winger. sooner he converts to playing forward better for the team.
  • haritrams24haritrams24 kerala1826 Points
    Roshan should play as a winger
  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 4770 Points
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India28538 Points

    There will be a ‘new team’ playing against Belarus, India’s head coach Igor Stimac told the media before the second friendly match in Bahrain in its preparation for the AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers, starting in Kolkata from June 8.

    “A new team is coming up against Belarus -- fresh energy of course with those in the middle who did not start in the first game and will now be available who will give us more stability in passing,” Stimac said.

    “You will see (Ruivah) Hormipam, you will see Anwar Ali, there will be Roshan (Naorem Roshan Singh) on the pitch also. This time I have more options in the midfield, with Brandon (Brandon Fernandes) and Thapa (Anirudh Thapa) joining us. Jeakson (Jeakson Singh) might also be available for a more creative game. That's what we are looking for,” he added.

  • NaujawanNaujawan 1592 Points
    do we stand a chance against a team that loses 1-0 to Belgium B team?
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