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    Have you seen the movie?
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    Trailer of the most Awaited Malayalam movie of the year , 'Lucifer' starring Mohanlal and directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran.

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    Badla is an official remake of Spanish movie The Invisible Guest.. Haven't seen Badla but the original movie was mindblowing.
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    After Aquaman, another blockbuster from DC. 


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    DC are on a roll. Joaquin Pheonix's Joker will surely be a big hit.
  • one of the most anticipated movie ( same like IW and bahubali) , they are keeping ticket rates so high ... anything below 2B $ will be disappointment 
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    Avengers : Endgame has collected 157 Crore Rupees in India Box Office in 3 day weekend.

    Global collections are mind-boggling 1.2 Billion Dollars.

  • #AvengersEndGame is worst Avengers movie and quite underwhelming considering hype it had

    now let me explain before people come to attack me(which happened on FB btw  :p )  

    In general, there are 3 categories of audience that watch marvel movies.
    1. Die hard fans who follow comics or all movies in cinematic universe along with fan theories / marketing , cast interviews
    They waited for Infinity war eagerly and were all hyped up for endgame due to anticipation as what happens next
    2. semi serious followers who watch movies as neutral, they know storytelling in general but they treat most of the movies at same level wrt cinema hall viewing experience
    3. casual ones who just watch movies depend on mood, they dont care much if any character dies , for them some action and entertainment is necessity.

    So when I say Endgame is bad , I had first category in mind.
    Vaguely speaking its good entertainer, you get action/drama/cheesy moments. Does it fulfil expectations from hardcore fan's point of view? no certainly not & definitely not when you watched all 21 movies at theatre by following all phases and waited for this farewell eagerly than most ppl. Overall, are we entertained? We are, but not as effortlessly as we might have hoped.Not worst marvel movie NO(but sure worst avengers), but there are better one too.

    lets not waste time in discussing acting/graphics/music, its as good as one would hope from marvel movie.
    Before going further, WARNING ---
    this will involve spoilers so read after you have seen this movie

    Good Points: 
    Character development is pretty intense , from loving stark in Ironman till hating him in civil war , then again having mixed feeling in infinity war and respecting him in endgame.
    Not only character grew so much but we audience also went through many emotions. Same can be said for other initial avengers( Thor's portrayal was master stroke and +100 to hemsworth for pulling it off) Hats off Marvel for portraying this journey since 2008.In next phases there wont be initial 6 avengers so they were given most screen time which was heartwarming. What's remarkable from Time travel was they connected old scenes really well , I always used to wonder what avengers must have done after capturing loki in first part till they go to eat shwarma. Attention to detail in all such scenes is noteworthy.There are still unanswered questions but overall they handled time travel quite well by using logic 
    of grandfather paradox and the butterfly effect(will have to go through some more articles to fully understand it)

    Bad Points:
    First of all there are many loopholes both in plot as well logic applied during retrieval (e.g. you are sending potentially destructible /unstable robot nebula to retrieve power stone along with war machine who got his a** whooped in civil war who would face thanos and black order sorry makes no sense). biggest draw back is final battle which is not only underwhelming but continuity in fight scenes is sheer disappointment. In infinity war they did faceoff of equally matched hero-villains since fights happened in multiple places. Here they tried to get every single character on one field which has turned into "Khichadi". If you still doubt me , ask these questions for yourself- What exactly black order guys did in battle? where was strongest avenger aka Captain Marvel(considering the fact her powers were shown in restricted manner since they were reserved for end game)?They gave those money shot moments to each character for 5 seconds in obvious predictable way and same character went out of focus. this could be less crowded battle of more 15-20min action.Most of the characters and their powers were underused as compared to IW and their scenes were done hurriedly or forcibly..IF you have seen all avengers movies and civil war you can tell this is totally unlike Marvel.

    Overall one time watch, still looking forward to next phase of marvel

    p.s. IF you are Captain America fan like me you would agree it is undeniably the greatest “avengers assemble” dialogue delivered ever and not to forget before that Steve got up with his broken shield and stood up, tightened the strap attatched to his shield, was still there to fight Thanos and his army 

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