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    Kudos to the Producer, Director and Ayyushman Khurana for creating such a hard-hitting movie. Brilliant Film.
  • what it is about? I am going to watch it tomorrow anyways
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    Socio-political struggle of poor people and caste / economic exploitation in  India. Some references are taken from real-life incidents. Rural UP is shown but these things happen in almost every part of India.
    [Deleted User]arunskumar
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    "Super 30" is an awesome movie. Inspired by the story of Anand Kumar from Patna from Super 30 fame of IIT coaching, Hrithik Roshan has delivered a great performance.
    Arey aaj Raja ka beta Raja nahi banega
    Raja wahi banega jo HAQDAAR hoga

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    Three of the best Malayalam movies of the year (2019) so far are available on Amazon Prime with Subs .
    -Kumbalangi Nights.
    -Virus(based on Nipah outbreak in Kerala).

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    My roommate was a Super 30 kid and there are lots of Super 30 friends out there and none of them had this bad situation in their lives like it was shown. 

    Some more reality would have been welcome.
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    Bollywood do ruin some good movie plots with unnecessary dramatization and Masalafication . I'm pretty sure they'll  ruin the Mangalyan movie plot too.
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    Also the real super 30 teacher never danced like that I guess
    Over dramatization 
  • songs and drama are integral part of movies in India because that's what audience demands , occasionally good movies come but they dont get response.. 
    movie like Bharat will rake in crores , but masterpiece like Khosla ka Ghosla was ok ok commercially
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    See there are a few ways to look at it . The main problem is that the movies which are based on real stories needs to be treated in the most realistic way . You can't add Masala and drama stuffs to that .It ruins the whole thing. Songs doesn't hurt at all, in fact a well placed song helps set up the mood. Now there are other fictional movies like 3 Idiots , PK which actually uses song and drama and Masalafication  in a very effective way. Bottom line is that filmmakers should do justice when they take a plot based on a real event and treat it in the most realistic  way . And as for fictional entertainers as far they put everything well no problem there at all. 
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